Ways To Encourage Creative Writing Skills

Creative writing boosts kid's confidence and when appreciated they are eager to learn more. Here are few ways to encourage creative writing skills

  1. Use writing prompts to jump start creativity.

 To help your child his or her “writer’s block,” introduce an exciting topic. Writing prompts are often used in English enrichment classes and creative writing classes in Singapore as a technique to stimulate children’s imagination. Some examples of writing prompts include, “Describe your favorite place,” “Pretend you are writing a letter to your favorite character in a movie or book – for instance, ‘Dear Harry Potter…,’” or “Imagine that it’s your birthday party and a dinosaur suddenly shows up. What happens next?” An exercise like this puts the fun back in writing.

  1. Emphasis character development before writing the story

 While coming up with story ideas, ask your child questions about his or her main character’s background, personality, and motivations. In the Mind Champs Writing Programme, students are taught how to create engaging characters in their stories by asking “What if” questions and adopting a different point-of-view of an imaginary character. To hear what parents, have to say about the programme.


  1. Build effective description

Details are what makes a story entertaining and convincing. Play observation and description games to free up your child’s imagination and encourage forming creative phrases in writing.

  1. Use “Feeling” Words

Encourage your child to write and develop how an imaginary character feels in any situation. A “fleshed out” character is more relatable and likely to generate an emotional response from the reader. The use of figurative language including metaphors allows your child to effectively describe how they, or their characters, feel.

  1. Encourage your child to keep a writing journal

From a young age, children can start building a habit of writing freely. When it comes to journaling and free-writing, the goal is to cultivate a love of personal expression. Refrain from correcting your child’s grammar and sentences in journal entries; in this case, creative writing for children should be as unrestricted as possible. By giving children the freedom to explore their own interests and voice, they are more likely to develop a fondness for expression in writing.

Summary: Creative writing is an excellent way to learn new words and to develops kids’ imagination, it even boosts kids’ confidence and when appreciated are eager to learn and do more.

Posted in Parenting on June 18 2019 at 05:42 PM

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