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Want To Be A Part Of The Guinness World Record With This Coding Revolution?

Register to AIForIndia And Learn To Build A Face Recognition App!

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Is AI for India proposed for kids?

Artificial intelligence has already marked its presence in the fields ranging from medicine to aerospace engineering and entertainment to education! Well, nevertheless, even toys have ranked well in the endless list of AI imbibed inventions. Today, kids, right from their young age as small as three, are getting exposed to the creations of AI.
From Science Fiction to Movies and YouTube Videos, we encounter Artificial Intelligence everywhere and in everything. All that said, we believe that kids need to be aware of the technology that is running down in all this automation and wonder that surrounds them.
Future demands kids to be coding-ready! Yes! Today, we think it essential to grab the coding skills to ease our path to a lucrative job. However, tomorrow will be different. The AI trends that we experience in every walk of our life was alien to our grandparents. And so would be the future for us.
But we need to prepare our kids for those unseen vogue trends that they would be initiating. Let us take a step towards that beautiful and techy tomorrow!
The experts at GUVI foresee the touch of AI in the most advanced discoveries of the future. With this AI for India event, GUVI is trying to extend its vision of this AI-induced future. To leap in AI, the first step that GUVI wants to take is introducing Python fundamentals. GUVI intends to initiate a coding revolution through this AIforIndia 1.0!

Sneak Peek at GUVI

Sneak peek at GUVI
GUVI is an IIT MADRAS incubated company that offers more than 200+ Programming & IT courses like Java, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and many more in our native language. It implies that you can learn programming languages in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and many other languages in addition to English.

Well, GUVI is not just that! You can earn 200+ Tech-Skill Certifications, Job notifications & free access to programming skill-building platforms like CodeKata & WebKata too. You may check the trending Tech-Courses on GUVI’s website.
Hackerkid is another innovative segment of GUVI. It is exclusively for Kids. Hackerkid stands out of the rest, as it brings in a new methodology in coding that kids can learn and explore on the user-friendly platform without much assistance. Of course, the proficient mentors stand just behind the scenes and surface when required.
hacker kid

#AIforIndia 1.0 in a look

AIforIndia is a grand event scheduled for April 24th, 2021, by GUVI in association with AICTE and partnered with BUDDI.AI. Wherein kids and adults, equally, will learn to build a Face Recognition app using Python and Master the Python skills, all for FREE!
Never challenge the excellence of kids. You will find yourself losing. We bet!
This magnificent event is registered with Guinness World Record and will break a massive record of upskilling 1 million participants in a single virtual event. Now that is awe-inspiring! So, you and your kids get to be a part of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD just by attending a 90-minute workshop from home!
The best thing about this event is that anyone who has an interest in technologies can attend. NO PRIOR CODING EXPERIENCE is required! So, your children and parents can join this AI revolution along with you and explore the possibilities through this splendid opportunity!

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What are the benefits for your children?

Get Free Access to Python Course.

Children will be able to pick up the fastest at this age, you see! Opening doors to a Python course will accelerate their coding talents and make them think logically, building their analytical abilities. And above all, it is interesting and children will never get bored with Python!
Children can raise their confidence bar by building a Face Recognition App on their own with the expert supervision of the GUVI professionals. Nothing can stop kids from creating things that they can save hold-on to years.
Children can hone their skills and flaunt their proficiency with GUVI Certifications marking the World Record Participation.
Children can look back to free Expert Sessions on AI. GUVI is a platform meant for learning. Kids can unlock an entire trunk of learning and exploration with the GUVI platforms. You would not ask for anymore, we are sure!
Kids can master AI skills along the AIforIndia journey
Being a part of the Guinness World record and making India Lead among the Top 3 countries in Artificial Intelligence will be a moment of pride for all of us. Let us hold hands for this webinar and make this event a grand success!
benefits of AI
Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Because even sharing will make you win! What??? Yes, a share and win program is aligned to this event. You can share more to win more. Prizes include gifts ranging from Rs. 500/- Coupon, free Netflix subscription to iPhone X. Wow, it is an all-profit deal! So, spread the word and let the awareness make India learn.

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