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Top 10 Best International Schools In Bangalore

If you are looking for the Best International Schools in Bengaluru, here are the Top 10 International Schools in Bangalore 2020 along with contact details.

Top 10 Best International Schools in Bangalore

Top 10 Best International schools in Bangalore 

The most critical stage of parenting for any couple lies in picking up a top school for their kids. When a school loaded with best possible curriculum and faculties is chosen, rest assured that your job is half done as far as shaping the career of your children. What if the school that you are in search of, offers international Curriculum? Here is the list of the Top 10 Best International Schools in Bangalore 2020. Believe it or not, the benefits are heavenly with children graduating from such schools developing a liberal frame of mind to be able to live amidst diversified cultures and different set of people. 

  1. The international school Bangalore
  2. Oasis International School
  3. Primus Public School
  4. Canadian International School
  5. Stonehill International School
  6. Trio World Academy
  7. Inventure Academy
  8. Candor International School
  9. Treamis World School
  10. Ebenezer International School

If you are from Bangalore, you have more than handful of such international schools for grooming your children’s career. Let us see Top 10 Best international schools available in Bangalore for your children.


The International School Bangalore (TISB) - Best International School In Bangalore

TISB, as it is shortly called, The International School Bangalore, was founded nearly twenty years ago with the prime aim of providing world-class education to the kids. The management of this school is academically focused and globally minded which is why they are able to stay on top as one of the top 10  international schools in Bangalore.

The International School Bangalore

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The International School Bangalore Details


NAFL Valley,White-field-Sarjapur Road, Near Dommasandra Circle, Bangalore – 562 125


Entrance assessment followed by interview.


The IGCSE Curriculum is offered for students from grade 9-10 and IB Curriculum for students in grade 11-12. 

Extra-Curricular activities:

Sports, Yoga, Music, Shooting, Dance, etc.


Library, Science Laboratories, Gymnasium, Amphitheater, Cafeteria, Transport, Medical care, etc.

Overall, it is a terrific opportunity for the lucky ones who are able to get the admission in TISB which provides enough facilities for them to bloom academically with flying colours.  


Oasis Bangalore International School - Top International Schools In Bangalore

Reckoned as equivalent to any school in UK, the Oasis international school sets high standards by following the Curriculum prescribed by Cambridge Assessment International Education. The value based education imparted by this school gives the students maximum versatility which will help them to face their future with utmost confidence. 

Oasis International School

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Oasis Bangalore International School Details


The HBR campus that houses students from KG to Grade 1 is situated in the 1st block of HBR Layout and the Hennur campus that educates students from Grade 1 to K12 is located at Kadusonapannahalli, Bidarahalli (Off Hennur Road), Kannur Post. 


No entrance test for students in KG. For Junior, Middle and High schools, admissions happen based on Entrance test and interview.


  1. Montessori Curriculum for KG students.
  2. National Curriculum of England and the Cambridge International Primary Years programme for Primary Schools.
  3. Blend of the Cambridge International programme and the Cambridge Checkpoint 1.
  4. IGCSE for High school

Extra-Curricular activities:

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Concert Band, Bible Club, Student Council, Drama for both boys and girls.


Large classrooms, Computer labs, IT facilities, Well equipped laboratories, Conference halls, Career counselling laboratory, many play areas, etc.

All in all, Oasis international school has got everything that can lure the parents to enroll their children should they really want them to be successful.

Primus Public School - Best International Schools In Bengaluru

It is students first always when it comes to the education provided in Primus Public School which is one of the best international schools in Bangalore. Not thrusting the students with subjects that they may not be interested with, this school strives hard to provide varied opportunities for them to discover their talents and skills.

Primus School

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Primus Public School Details


Post Box No.21, Chikanayakanahalli Village, Off. Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 560 035


Nursery to Grade 4 – First come first served basis.

Grade 5 – Admission test in English and Maths.

Grade 6 to 9 – Admission test in English, Maths and Science.


KG – An amalgamation of Montessori methodology and conventional methods of learning.

Primary schools – Teaching methods and activities based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence.

Grade 6 to 10 – ICSE and IGCSE Curriculums.

Extra-Curricular activities:

Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket and Gymnastics, Quiz, Debate, Elocution, Creative writing, Music, Dance, Theatre, etc.,


Online library, Fully equipped lab, Smart classrooms, High Security, Cafeteria, Transport facilities, Medical facilities, Tuck shop, etc.

Being listed as one of the top international schools in Bangalore, it goes without a shadow of a doubt that your students will have an enthralling experience if they get to study in here.


Canadian International school - Top International School In Bengaluru

If you want your children to avail a world class education that can help them acquire social and intellectual skills, Canadian international school in Bangalore is the right place to be in. Equipped with well trained and experienced teachers, the school provides an atmosphere conducive to active learning.

Canadian International School

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Canadian International school Bangalore Details:


#4 & 20, Manchenahalli, Yelahanka  Bangalore – 560064


KG – No entrance

Elementary/Middle school – To clear MAP test (Measure of Academic Progress) in English and Maths.

High School – Past two year’s report cards to be submitted in addition to clearing entrance test in English and Maths.


KG and Primary school – A combined one of Cambridge Primary and Ontario Curriculums.

Middle school -  IGCSE Curriculum

High school – IGCSE Curriculum and IB/CIS diploma.

Extra-curricular activities:

Basket ball, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Music, Drama, Karate, Yoga, Cricket, Volley ball, etc.


Library, Transportation, Labs, Internet wi-Fi, Swimming pool, Amphitheaters, etc.

Into to, Canadian international school has all it takes to groom your children into becoming a successful individual in this highly competitive world. No wonder, why this is rated as one of the best international schools in Bangalore.


Stonehill international school - Best Schools In North Bangalore

Working with a mission of developing children so as to make them very knowledgeable, caring, confident and responsible global citizens, Stonehill international school has come a long way in succeeding it. The school offers ample opportunities and trains the students not only in academics but also in sports and arts.



Image Source:

Stonehill international school Details


Tarahunise Post, Jala Hobli, Bangalore North – 562 157


Oral and written English test for children whose native language is not English.


International Baccalaureate Curriculum starting from preschool all the way upto the Diploma Programme.

Extra-curricular activities:

Swimming, Tennis, Equestrian sports, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket, Dance, Drama, Music, etc.


Sports, Online library, Computer labs, Hostel facilities, Transport facilities, Cafeteria, etc.

To conclude, this school is tailor made for the parents who are interested in the all-round development of their kids without any shortcomings. In bridging the gap between teaching and learning, this stands tall among all international schools and is indeed one of the best in Bangalore.


Trio World Academy - Top 10 International Schools In Bangalore

Riding on the core values of Academic excellence, discipline, leadership and service, Trio World Academy, one of the Bangalore international schools, has been listed as one of the most reputed institutions in India. The testimonials published in their website, as said by the parents of the students, serve as the outright evidence as to how well the education is imparted over there.



Trio World Academy Details


Trio World Academy, 3/5, Kodigehalli Main Road, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore- 92


Assessment test in English and Maths for students of all grades. Specially for high school students, Parents and students are required to meet the Head of school after the admission procedures are over.


For students aged 3 to 12 – The international Bacalaureate (IB) primary years programme.

For classes 6 to 8 – CIE Curriculum

For Grades 9 and 10 – IGCSE Curriculum

Extra-curricular activities:

Football, Basketball, Swimming, Torch Rugby, Table Tennis, Cricket, Art & Design, Music, Theatre, etc.


Library, Boarding, Transport, Laboratory, Cafeteria, Infirmary, etc.

What else one needs as a parent, when a school like Trio world academy can make your child’s life resourceful and interesting. Be it academics or extra-curricular activities, your children are sure to come out in flying colours, learning in this institution.


Inventure Academy - Best International School in Sarjapur

Tapping the potential of a child and bringing it out to the world requires special care and attention and the Inventure Academy excels in that art. This international school is able to help its students in making them realise their full potential by instilling in them the ability and conviction required for it.


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Inventure Academy Bangalore Details


Whitefield – Sarjapur Road


Near Dommasandra Circle

Bangalore – 562125.


Grades 1 to 5 – Meetings with the designated evaluating teacher/Head of section is arranged to understand the child’s readiness.

Grades 6 to 9 – Short placement test in English, Mathematics, Science and second language.

Grade 11 – Provisional admission granted on the basis of review of progress reports of the past three years followed by a placement test in English and interaction with the principal.


Primary level – Integrated Curriculum based on NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training)

Middle level – ICSE and IGCSE.

Secondary and Senior Secondary level – ICSE, IGCSE and A/AS level board exams.

Extra-Curricular activities:

Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Tabletennis, Tennis, Sports, Ultimate Frisbee, Creative Arts, Field Trips, Community outreach, Interships, etc.


3 Computer labs, Library, 3 Amphitheatres, Gym, Dining hall with attached kitchen, Adventure course, Health clinic, etc.

Thus, this inventure academy offers so many varieties of learning with clear emphasis on developing the student to face the future with utmost confidence. So what are you waiting for? Bring in your children to Bangalore and have them enrolled here.

Candor International school - 100 Best International Schools In The World

It is not for nothing Candor International School has bagged various awards of institutional excellence. After all, the school looks after each and every child with utmost care and attention. This is probably one of the reasons as to why it is ranked as one of the top 100 international schools in the world. 




Begur – Koppa Road, Hullahalli

Off Bannerghatta Road, Near Electronic city

Bangalore – 560105.


Pre KG to Grade 10 – Mostly, children are enrolled purely based on their performance in academics and co-curricular records in their previous schools. Only if necessary, the placement assessment is done.

For Grade 11 – Enrollment is based on the performance of the students in Grade 9 and 10 from their previous schools. Again placement assessment is done only if found necessary.


IGSCE and IB Curriculum

Extra-Curricular activities:

Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Music, Dance, Drama, Visual art form, etc.


Music studios, Labs, Libraries, Dorms, Cafeteria, Medical care, Transport etc.

All in all, this school is embedded with every characteristic that takes it to the pinnacle of academic culture. You can be rest assured of your children’s success as they leave the school for the future endeavors.


Treamis World School - Best International School In Electronic City

Like every top international school in Bangalore, Treamis world school is no different in fulfilling the academic and development needs of the students. By studying in this renowned institution, they are able to develop the characteristic of facing real life issues as they complete their school days.


Image source: wikipedia

Treamis World Details


Hulimangala Post,

Near Electronics City

Bangalore – 560015


Assessment test followed by Parents interview.


CBSE, IGCSE curriculum

Extra-curricular activities:

Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Athletics, Yoga, Cricket, Badminton, Art, Music, etc.


Cafeteria, Medical, Fine Arts, Performing Arts studio, STEM lab, Language lab, etc.

Having thus stuffed with so many facilities and world class Curriculum, this school is no doubt called one of the top international schools in Bangalore. Every student passing out of this school is sure to come out as a brilliant and intellectual kid ready to face the world with full confidence.

Ebenezer International School - Best Schools In Electronic City

Although named international school, this institution offers even national Curriculum in addition to of course international syllabus. This celebrated school in Bangalore is also a day cum residential one. Having the future of students beyond school in mind, the education is thus painted and presented.


Image source : schoolconnects

Ebenezer International School Details


Singena Agrahara Road

Via Huskur Road/A.P.M.C.Yard

Huskur PO, Electronic city

Bangalore – 560099


Interactive session with parents and whenever applicable Entrance tests.



Extra-curricular activities:

Athletics, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Horse Riding, Skating, Swimming, Karate, Arts, etc.


Library, IT and Multimedia, Cafeteria, Fire safety measures, Security Personnel, Health centre, etc.

Summing up, Ebenezer International School has really grown up as an institution that every parent looks up to in order to have their students enrolled there. Who can even think of ignoring such an international school that gives a student everything academically so as to make him/her a commendable personality in the outside world!

The international schools in Bangalore, thus, have been playing a pivotal role in the lives of the students for more than a decade or two. With so much of options available, your life as a parent in Bangalore has become easy! 

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