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Tips when your child is preparing Board Exam

The mental pressure on students do not arise due academic pressure but also non-academic factor. How parents deal with the upcoming exam.

What we as a parent can do while our child is pre paring for board exam.
  • Help them to manage time:- parents must see that there is managed properly without any distractions .change in sleeping or may cause appetite problem. We as a parents can look out the time manage properly.
  • Positive thinking:- to deal with the examination positive thinking is actually is what we as a parents have to our child .we have keep our child stress free to appear for examination. Students should have only positive approach that yes he / she can do it. Positive thinking can help students to get better result.
  • Make time for acitivity :- all work no play or leisure time can make your child go tired and dull. An balance amount of play and study can make your child active.
  • Assists them studies:- parents should assist them in studying try to solve the problems by giving them simple and logical examples . that will help them to stay the concept forever.

Conclusion:- every child is different , and no one knows your child is better than wht he can do is great to be involved in helping him or her in preparing for your board exam . talk to them openly to understand there needs and requirements and give them space whenever required.

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