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Things to do at home with kids

We as Parents are lost in our responsibilities that we actually forget to enjoy our journey of Parenting. Are we really enjoying our family life? Most of us know the answers. If we think to make our responsibilities fun then each day of our life would be more enjoyable. Instead of making our life boring and stressful we have to find joy in living it.There are many things to do at Home with Kids. We have listed a few fun things to do at home with kids so that you can start enjoying your family life. These activities will not only keep your kids engaged but will also help you to spend some quality time with them. You can choose any of these ideas and give it a try. Kids will definitely love these things to be done at home ideas.


Things to do at home with kids

Right Start of our day

The start of day decides how much you can enjoy. The way you start your day changes everything, from how successful you are at work or to how calm you are at the end of your day. So. It is up to us to take some efforts so that everyone starts their day with a great mood.


It is not that bad idea being home, once you start realizing that are more fun filled and productive things that can be done together. So here are some of the fun activities that can be done at home which will definitely make your kids happy.

List of Enjoyable Things

Here is a list of enjoyable things that can be done at our home to spend some time with our kids

1.Play a Home bound treasure hunt

Treasure hunt is generally a game in which the person has to find an object with the help of some clues. Draw a map of your house and hide some things around it.Mark each item hidden on the map. Explain the map to your kid and offer some help if required.

treasure hunt

If the Kids a little older then we can use some pictures or word clues describing about the place where we have hidden the items. You can also use some scrambled words to give clue. This combination of Quiz along with Hunt is great fun for kids. Fun is not just for the kids, even parents can play treasure hunt along with the kids.

Check out the steps involved in planning a treasure hunt here :

2.Finger Paint Animals

Painting using hands and fingers can be messy but it is definitely fun. It is an easy and creative way to teach painting to your younger kids. With your imagination and creativity you can bring these prints to life. You can create different types of shapes and animals.

This is a very interesting way to introduce painting to our little ones. They learn about colors and their combination, which color fits where. With this they will learn how fingerprints can add simple but creative details to their paintings.

finger painting

Kids will definitely love the idea of hand print the animals. Once they get hold of the painting they will start creating more and more animals using their hands and fingers. With the help of this older kids can create hand puppets, or decorate their bedroom walls, or create a safari of animals using different body parts. So let the kids decide what they want to create.

Check out some hand print craft ideas :

3.Hide and Seek

It is one of the best indoor game that the kids love. Parents and accompany their kids in this as it will double the fun. The more number of players, the more will be fun. One player is chosen to close his eyes till the other players hide themselves, then you have to find all the hideouts.

Hide and seek

4.Indoor Fashion Show

Just dressing up your favorite clothes and striking different pose in front of the audience. Audience here are the other family members. You can also create a simple ramp to make it more real. Kids can even dress up their parents. You can have different rounds by wearing different costumes. At the end the winner can be titled with a crown.

indoor fashion show

5.Simple Science Experiments

Kids can try some simple science experiments .They can do one experiment a day. Kitchen science is simple, fun loving and best for the kids. These experiments increases the curiosity of the children on what is going to happen, how it is happening,etc.With this children tend to ask more questions and understand how they can apply this concept elsewhere.

simple science experiments

By this experiments, children get a hands on, start observing, touching, smelling and tend to ask more questions. With this they not only learn science but also develop many life skills.

Below are some examples of Simple science experiments.

  • Making some slime and then use it to create something else.
  • Make some glow bubbles.
  • Creating some tie dye.
  • Making crystal names. 

6.Board Games

Any board game is nice to spend some quality time with your family and friends. There are lot of board games out there but choosing the right one is sometimes difficult. Board games can be played by both kids and adults. It connects all the family members. There are many board games which not only entertain us but also teach new learning skills.

board games

Board games can be played by the entire family. It is the best way to avoid screen time especially for kids. It keeps the kids engaged with some of activity or other. By this way they not only spend hours playing but also learn many skills and keep themselves away from screen.

Below are few Examples of Board games.

  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Ludo
  • Checkers
  • Chess

7.Playing Cards

Playing Cards is yet another game that brings the friends and family together. Each game has its own set of cards and rules. There are some standard rules which might sometimes be game specific. There are generally many rounds played in a game.

card games

Here is a list of some card games.

  • Rummy
  • Poker
  • UNO
  • Crazy Eights 

8.Cooking together

Involving your kids in some simple kitchen recipes will increase their excitement. You can start by asking them to help you but slowly they will gain the interest for doing it on their own. They can start with stirring, decorating ,setting the table,etc.Once they get the love towards cooking , ask them to try some cooking without fire recipes. With this cooking can be creative, easy and fun for kids .In this way kids will love to eat the yummy delights prepared by them.

cooking with kids

Parents can use this time to talk about healthy and nutritious food. They can explain about the ingredients and its benefits on health. This might inculcate healthy eating habits in them.

Some of the healthy and yummy recipes that can be tried by children are:

  • Banana Pops
  • Strawberry crackers
  • Milkshakes
  • Biscuit Cake
  • Sandwiches
  • Fruits and Vegetable Salads


Origami is a simple art of folding papers using different techniques. A number of steps are involved to create a single design. There are lot of folding and creasing techniques. We have to use origami papers to get exclusive results. There are patterned and plain origami papers, you can choose based on the need. Kids will know that folding can actually be fun.


Kids can make some bookmarks, animals, animal faces, birds, flowers, boats, storage box, rings, crown, cup and many more.

10.Bubble Painting

Kids will have a blast while doing this bubble painting. It is one of the best, easy and cheap art activity that the kids will love. The results are bright and amazing. This activity will keep the kids busy and engage those creating different prints. It is a simple art activity with just 2 ingredients – soap bubble mixture and liquid coloring.

bubble painting

Kids go crazy while blowing these colorful bubbles. They try to create different imprints with different color combination.

11.Playing Dough

Playing with dough is nothing but clay modelling.It is messy but one of the favorite activities of kids. We must encourage children to play with clay because it improves learning opportunities for kids. We can buy ready made clay dough or can make at home also.

playing with dough

Benefits of Playing Dough

  • Pre-writing Skills are enhanced
  • Improves Fine motor skills
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Eye-hand coordination is developed
  • Teaches Patience
  • Enhances Social Skills
  • Knowledge and Curiosity increases

12.Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling might seem silly but it develops good leverage and quick instincts among children. It is a sport which can be played among kids and their siblings. Parents can play a little leniently with the children. This sport increases the concentration of the kids. It is purely applying pressure on your opponent’s arms. It can be a fun sport for kids. The 3 basic steps are: Hook, Top roll and Press.

arm wrestling


Gardening is beautiful .IT helps the planet and also provides some healthy food for ourselves.This enhances a daily routine of some outdoor activity with your kids.It is simple and fun if pre-planned in a proper way.You need to decide the type of garden to enjoy its fruits later on.Even the young kids will enjoy . You need to understand that you will have to give enough time in planting and taking care of those plants.Explain the importance and need of gardening to your kids.

gardening with kids

Steps involved in Gardening:

  1. Plan your garden
  2. Get your Plants
  3. Plant the garden
  4. Care and harvest your garden
  5. Pick the produce

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