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The Mark of a True Institution

An educational institution needs to stand out amongst others, in terms of quality in standards of education, principles, ethics, values and many more .JES Public School considers the mark of true Institution by factors like Quality leadership by the Principal -an able administrator and an academician who can lead his team of teachers to limelight through great planning and organization of activities management which is impartial and believes in discipline and growth of the institution. The Proactive participation and a good positive attitude by all the members of the institution like the stake holders (management, teachers, office bearers, students, parents and community) also marks a true education Institution.

Traits of a True Institution

The Traits of a True institution according to JES Public School are

  • Every member of the institution has belief in their vision and mission directing each other towards a common goal.
  • Teachers who believe in their own professional growth and compete with themselves.
  • The management, Principal and teachers who practice empathy towards students.
  • Cater to children’s academic, social and emotional problems along with counseling.
  • Sensitize children to environmental issues mainly social and environment related.
  • Freedom to learn in a fearless environment. Instill belief and confidence among students through training in life skills.
  • Catering to individual differences of students through special education.
  • Monitoring progress at all levels, by working on deficiencies and weaknesses found in human resources or problem situations of the institution.
  • Accountability shown by every member of the institution.

With these traits tucked into every feather of the institution, it can soar to greater heights and be irrefutable in terms of quality in the society.

Objectives of a True Institution

To understand the scenario in higher education in the process of shaping future society

To analyze and conclude the role being played by the educational institutions in higher education

 To make suggestions in the area of higher education to bring some changes.

Importance of True Institution

Educational institutions do support in selection of future occupation. They also provide methods and ways to acquire information on various aspects of life. It implies that the process of teaching and transmitting changes  the teaching methodology, the contents of education and even those that receive education. Through education has changed the ways like the ways of living of our ancestors are transferred to the new generation. A true Institution also creates social organization in society by harmonizing the attitudes, ideas, habits, customs, emotions and sentiments of the people. It also develops homogeneity by developing general laws of social life. The interactions and gatherings that are organized in educational institutions can also support individuals in developing their personalities as well.

Functionalities of True Educational Institution

There are many functionalities of a true educational institution,few of them are

Culture Transmission -Education instill and transmit the social norms values and beliefs into the next generation. Teacher himself or herself have been through the similar phase of learning, after learning the social norms, teachers can forward it to the next generation.

Social integration-Education unifies  individuals in society and create the sense of solidarity among them. It helps the individuals and groups to cooperate with one another and find a common ground for social life.

Career Guidance-Education helps individual to think about their career which they want to pursue in future. It also prepares them for future endeavors and provide them with all the necessary information regarding the social and professional life.

Techniques of Learning Skills-Education also teaches an individual various techniques of learning professional skills. There are also various different educational institutions for learning professional skills.

 Socialization-Human beings are social animals, in order to learn social skills and social norms of society, one has to socialize. Educational institution provides us with the platform to interact with different people of our own age and common interest.

Rational Thinking-Education helps us to think rationally and conclude to any event or situation with reasonable explanation.

Patriotism-Love for our country is instill in people from very young age through educational institution. They do  learn their duties and obligation towards nation .

The mark of a True Education Institution is one which grooms the personality of individual which helps him/her to adjust in any environment, group, community and society.

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  • At JES, we believe in value-based holistic education to empower the students and provide them with the confidence to take on the challenges of the future

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