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Simple Ways to Encourage Speech Development among Toddlers

How the child speaks depends on their parents, on how much effort they put in to groom their toddler’s speech and way of talking. Each parent will be convenient with different ways to make their child understand certain things. There might be many ways to achieve that, but whatever way you choose it must be right for your child. Speech is the main thing a child must learn and the only way is through the parents.

Simple Ways to Encourage Speech Development among Toddlers

Every baby may not speak at the same pace, every child is different. But there are ways to encourage your toddlers to help them lean talking.

Here are the  ways to encourage your toddlers:


Use simple sounds

Use simple sounds like “da” and “ma” or “ba” and “aa” or “ooh” that is more like phoenix, to babies even when they are new born. These vowels and consonants have a great response from children. These simple speech activities help your child to talk. As they grow, they listen to you and try to imitate you.

Speak slowly so baby can understand

Try to use simple words and friendly tones. Your child can understand what you are saying or talking about if you talk to her face to face. Make eye contact and speak slowly and patiently. If the child repeats the words incorrectly just correct them by telling out the word softly, so they understand the difference.

Play with your child

Playing is a best way to communicate with your child and it also comes with a lot of benefits. Allow your child to tell you what to do. Stay in the background and do only what you are asked to do. Playing with your child builds confidence in them, without pressurizing your child to talk. Playing is a fun part of your speech activity.

Tell your baby what you are doing

When you are doing activities like feeding, bathing or changing your child, keep talking about it. If you are going out for shopping or walk or work, talk about where you are going with your child in simple language. You will be amazed to see that tiny brain can store and bring out at the most appropriate times!

Read books

A book with colourful pictures and words is one of the best speech activity. Your child will love to look at the book. Reading gets associated with security and love. This activity can lead your child to be a book lover.

Introduce colors and shapes

Show your child colors of the building blocks and other items and gently point out and say out the name of the colors and shapes while you play with her. You child will then be able to distinguish between the colors and shapes.

Hand gestures

Hand movements like clapping, peek-a-boo, itsy bitsy spider (fingers crawling up his arm), waving and other gestures can be used along with the appropriate words. These gestures help the child to Recognise a word with a meaning and build their vocabulary.

Singing and rhyming

Sing songs and nursery rhyme to your child. It is a vital part of your speech activity. It will encourage your child because of the presence of rhythm and rhyming words. It helps bringing in your child closer to you. With learning there will be a lot of fun too.

Introduce new words

If you child says a world like apple, add on to the word like “Big apple” or a “Green Apple” Your child will learn other new words that way. Point to yourself and say “mom / dad” and point to someone else and say his/her name.

Teach "thank you" and "please" early

Children learn from parents to be polite and humble. Use the words like please and thank you when you speak to them and while speaking to other members of the family. Your child will get used to these words . Get family members to help. This will help to groom your child to be a well-mannered adult in future.

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