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Significance of learning Phonics for Children

As children become readers, they need to understand and utilize the relationship between sounds and letters to read words or any phrase. Phonics requires knowledge of sound recognition, letter recognition, and their associations. This means that children must identify letters in words, and then provide their corresponding sounds to read words. Fortunately, there are fun activities that you can do with your kid to promote phonics!

Teaching children to read with phonics is one of the most productive methods used to help children learn to read. Whether you are a teacher or parent, knowing how to teach children to read with phonics is an important asset.

The ability to read is a very significant life skill and one that we use on a daily basis without even realizing it. Whether it is reading a clothing label, a food label, a shopping list, or a billboard, we are reading every single day.As kids start school, reading becomes a significant subject, and one of the main skills they need to learn to move forward academically.

Every parent wants their kids to do well at school. We all want our children to be able learn to read efficiently. While there are different methods to teach this important life skill, using phonics is the most productive methods when teaching kids to read.

Teaching kids to read using phonics means teaching the sounds made by individual letters or letter groups. Teaching kids how to join those sounds together to make a whole word.Hence, in other words, rather than teaching a kid to recognize a word as a whole you teach them to break the word up sounding each of the sounds the letters make within a word.

For example if we use the word dog, you wouldn’t show your kid to say the word dog. Using phonics you would teach your kid to sound out each letter, d – o – g, and then say the word, dog.Using the word shop, you would sound out the letters, sh – o – p. Putting the first two letters S and H together to make the “sh” sound.

Why phonics are important?

Phonics allows kids to be able to learn words they have never seen before by sounding out the word letter by letter.

When kids learn to read a word by sight it means that they will be able to remember how to pronounce that word when they see it again. But if the kids see a word they don’t recognize they won’t have the skills needed to decode how to pronounce it. This is why phonics are important for kids.

Teaching children to read with phonics means not only to teach them the decoding skills needed to look at a word or a phrase and pronounce it correctly but also giving them the skills to know what to do when they find or discover a new word.After a while, as the kids become more skilled readers, all of the phonics sounds will become automatic and your kid will be able to read easily.

Children learn best when having fun. No matter what you are teaching your child, if you make it fun, they will retain the information you are teaching them more constructively. Turn learning into a gaming or something interesting and make it fun.

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