Road Safety And Traffic Rules - Training Them For Safety In Road

It is really important for us to keep our children aware and teach them about road safety to ensure their safety and help then to not get injured. As adults we must train our children about traffic rules and how to follow them and even what to do if they or someone have met with an accident.

Some of the basic road safety that we can teach kids are:

  • Teach them about traffic signals and signs
  • Show them how to cross the road
  • Ask them to always walk on footpath
  • Always make them wear helmet while riding bicycle
  • Never let them play on road
  • If they see an accident take place inform an adult immediately
  • Pay attention to surroundings
  • Never put head or hands outside a moving vehicle

To make the kids understand how to follow road safety rules you can teach them in a fun way by drawing and painting in order to teach them about the rules so that they that they can have fun while learning. You must even have a discussion about how Important it is to follow road safety and what are its serious consequences if they are not followed.

As parents even you can take some safety precaution Protect kids form getting hurt, here are some tips:

  • Always ensure that your kid is wearing seatbelt so that he is safe
  • Demonstrate them what to do on street and what not to do while taking them on walk
  • Don’t rash drive be a role model for them and set an example on how important it is to stay calm on road and not to hurry
  • Do not use mobile phones or divert your mind to other things while driving
  • Never leave your kids inside the care alone
  • Use the child lock feature to ensure that the kid doesn’t open the door while the car is moving

Always ensure that your kids are safe on road and know the traffic rules as roads can be a very dangerous place, they can get badly injured get others injured as well if they are not aware about traffic rules.

Posted in Parenting on June 13 2019 at 02:55 PM

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