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Right age to Introduce Kids to Computers

Tablets are the first device of choice for kids, because they are cheap and so easy to use that even preliterate children can masters them in minutes. But no matters what apple says, kids eventually need to learn how to use actual computers and keyboards and windowed operating systems.

There are some applications only to run on a computer and there are others that just work better with a keyboard and mouse. Many schools now use Chromebooks. And, if you're a tech enthusiast, you may want the junior to take mommy or daddy's grown-up PC for a spin.

If you’re thinking about to introduce your child to the computers, you’re probably wondering just how your kids need to be before they can grok concepts like moving a mouse around, clicking on icons or navigating through text-heavy menus. While you shouldn’t expect your toddler to master the Linux command prompt, children as young as to two can have meaningful interactions with a pc.


It probably won’t come as a surprise, but infants and computers don’t really mix. Babies simply don’t have the physical or cognitive skills to have worth your time or theirs. The one notable exception is to enjoy the video chatting with familiar family and friends.


 This is when kids start to show more curiosity about the computer and when many children head into the button pushing stage where any button or switch is fair game.

Kids at this stage:

  • Should Have Minimal Computer Time
  • Start Recognizing Letters and numbers
  • Show Interest in Using Mouse
  • Enjoy Simple Cause and Effect Games


  • Have Limited Time
  • Capable of Basic Mouse Use
  • Use Computers in School
  • Learn Hand Wash
  • Work on Using Gentle Hands
  • Keeps Snacks and Drink Away

Most of the children have the fine motor skills to manipulate a mouse,” says Dawn Cunningham, a licensed pre-school educator in Somervile, MA. “If they have not used a computer before, they will likely require a demonstration and possibly some hand-over-hand assistance.”

Pre-school kids are still too young to use a computer independently, so don’t consider buying one them.


At this point, kids able to use a computer with some independence and to enjoy complex and time-based games and activities. 

Kids at this age:

  • Learning About Interests Safety
  • Using A Computer Regularly in School
  • Require an Adult Present
  • Enjoy Simple Games Independently 

TWEENS [8-12]

Not surprisingly, this can be a challenging age. Kids will start to seek more independence and privacy but are not mature enough to always make the best decisions, especially when it comes to online interactions.

  • Have an Adult Nearby
  • Use Proper Typing Technique
  • Play Complex Games
  • Know All the Basic of The Menus
  • Test Limits

Because they work independently, tweens are prime candidates to get their own computers. When computer shopping for tweens, consider the following:

  • Invest where u can
  • Durability of kid

TEENS [13-18]

Kids at this age:

  • Work Independently
  • Need Adult Oversight
  • Create High End Content
  • Require Internet Safety Reminders

 If you’re giving your teenager a computer, keep these tips in minds:

  • Match Their Interests
  • Build Together
  • Make It College Ready


No matter at which age the kids are, you need keep them safe by following these tips:

  • Frequent Breaks
  • Enable Internet Filters
  • Teach Kids to Never Share Personal Information
  • Encourage People
  • Show Kids to Avoid Clicking On Pop-Up Ads


In the end, there is no age where the kids are suddenly able to use a computer with ease. The basic reading and fine motor skills help, there’s still a learning curve to get past. And kids who are able to used the tablets may have a more difficult time making that transition than kids who have the Acomputer access all along. 

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