Reasons For Math Phobia In Children

Math phobia is very common among children that it really is becoming an epidemic of sorts. We hear the refrain again and again from all sides: “Ï hate mathematics!”. One would be tempted to ask whether children are suffering from dyscalculia more now than earlier, since many more children are openly declaring that they hate math and everything related to it. Some students are good with mathematics even from a young age. Mostly, however, hate it with all their heart. There are reasonable and logical cause for this phenomenon.

Math phobia reason #1
We live in the world of quick gratification. Hungry? Eat something right now! Bored? Watch a movie or play computer games. Kids these days receive gratification instantly. The concept of putting in some effort for that gratification never takes hold because everywhere the child receives the gratification he craves for immediately. Mathematics is rewarding for those who are good at it, but a bane for children who are used to instant gratification. When you are studying mathematics, you do not receive instant gratification. When you study mathematics, your brain requires both active time and passive time in which the brain adjusts to and accepts the new requirement that the topic demands from it. This takes time. In a country where everything is available at the click of a button, putting so much effort into something is itself a major strain.
Math phobia reason #2
Even if we like it or not, we have to admit that children at a young age love a subject mostly because they love the teacher. It is true. Think how many math teachers are truly lovable? view of a math teacher is that of a angry, portly character with no sense of humor and certainly no intention to make children love mathematics. A student who is taught mathematics by such a teacher will definitely hate math.
Math phobia reason #3
Math phobia can be caused by the drab, repetitive and uninteresting ways in which math is taught in kindergarten and elementary schools. Work paper is given often, which would drive any child nuts.                                                                               In fact, it is not just up to the teachers to make math interesting. Math games can be a beautiful way of bonding between parent and child. Not only will your first grader learn mathematics with ease, they will consider it fun since their beloved parents are showing them how to do it by playing games! Mathematical games, but still – games! There is an ocean of available software and sites online. Math games with your child is a creative, emotional, enjoyable, and fulfilling process. You are not just a parent who dictates orders from above, you are a peer and a friend to your child since you are doing what he/she has to do. It can be challenging for those who don’t know mathematics, but if you can learn to use an Android phone or an iPhone, you can learn first grade mathematics. Math phobia surely is not incurable. However, prevention is better than cure, here also. We should try to develop mathematical skills even before sending kids to kindergarten. You could just play with pebbles and add them up! Or marbles, or anything at all, it can make it fun and help them to enjoy math rather than being scared of it.

Summary: A lot of children struggle with learning math and usually feel stuck, helpless and are unable to wrap their heads around basic concepts. This is particularly hard on you as parents as resolving this phobia is difficult as it usually sets in at a young age. Here are few reasons why children have math phobia.

Posted in Parenting on July 03 2019 at 05:27 PM

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