Doctor quotes that reason behind are
  • Incorrect and awkward motion of thumb while using smartphone.
  • Abnormal motion of bones in the thumb could onset pain and eventually osteoarthritis.
  • The overuse of Smartphone may affect children's handwriting as smartphones are designed ergonomically to be doing repetitive actions for a long period of time.
  • Thumbs movement while texting on smartphone requires force and abnormal thumb bone movement which tends to cause pain and make kids unable to maintain a good handwriting

Summary: Smartphones have an adverse effect on fingers of children and based on the doctor's research overuse of smartphone can lead to osteoarthritis.

Measures to be taken to prevent Thumb while using Smartphone Setting Limits on the Usage of the Phone. Practicing Finger Exercises Daily. Using Good Posture in each Activity. Avoid placing Wrist in a bent position for longer time. Making kids use their forefinger for typing instead of thumb. Using voice control to dictate command or messages

Posted in Schooling on November 02 2018 at 04:22 PM

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