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Parenting my 4 year old

Its terrible twos, threenager threes and FOURANDO FOUR. Every milestone age of a child gets interesting and they are a whole new person every year. A take on what it is to parent my almost 4 year old.

She is almost 4 , a month to go yet and I have exhausted every bit of my patient self ( I didn't know that I can be this patient)
I think I was underestimating parenting when the twos and threes were a cakewalk at least for me, never had the tantrum debacle nor meltdowns , all I had to deal with was an energetic, curious and a very disciplined little girl.
Well now I can see the energy in abundance , curiosity multiplied times 10 and well what's discipline when you are confident of what you are doing and have the right answer when questioned for your mischiefs.

A summary of what to expect from these big little girls : The 4 year olds or dealing with fournado makes you appreciate their never say die attitude of being independent and wanting to do everything by themselves. They never give up trying to do things on their own like taking a bath, wearing their shoe , why they even try to open a bottle which I was struggling and the attitude that comes with a look clearly translating to "you couldn't do this?huh!!". One phrase they constantly use : "I am a big girl"
The fournado become super social and given a chance they can strike a conversation with anybody and everybody. They have this need to know all about the person they are next to. Just today I had to take a complaint from the keyboard class where she ended up asking other students not just their names but their parents names , their location, so being the cautious mom I am, I warn her saying you cannot disturb others like this and keep asking them questions not relevant to you , she goes " you said I cannot talk to strangers only, they are my friends so I can ask"
Anniyan movie's character is clearly based on the true chacteristic of a 4 year old, they can be laughing their heart out one minute and swell up tears the next and within minutes go back to laughing hysterically, so much for stocking up tears in their eyes. 
Last, the 4 year olds are very clever and they use the same techniques you use to discipline them from a baby- you don’t want them to do something and say a firm strong “NO” to imply they cannot even dream of doing that. Well I get the same NO from her now when I ask her to do something!! Well she is still the cutie she is but I am scared , Let the force be with me !!!

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