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Need and Importance of Physical Education in Schools and Life

Physical education is very important because it improves the physical fitness of children, makes them disciplined and active. It helps them to learn teamwork, test their decision-making capabilities too. Physical education should be mandatory in every school, from preschools, primary, elementary to middle school. It should be in colleges, hostels too. But we should not force them to do it, they should be made aware of its benefits.

  • Healthy Habits
  • Discipline in physical education
  • Importance of skill and team work
  • Stress Busters
  • Confidence
  • Alternate Career
  • Health is Wealth
  • Anti-Depressant 
  • Develops motor skills
  • Conclusion

The goal of physical education is to help students to develop healthy habits which will serve them in the long-term. In today technology frenzy world things become easy, we are enjoying the facilities like no other generation. Adults spend their whole day in air-cooled offices, they eat junk food, don’t find time to exercise. It is going to be very tough for our generation. If we get good healthy habits now when we are in the school. It will definitely help us now and in the future. It is actually a dire need of time. The education system should be proactive and make it mandatory in schools.

Importance of Healthy Habits for physical development

 With physical education, children can improve their fitness, body posture and ultimately it will boost their confidence. It helps students to form good habits from an early age. Running, jogging, weight training, eating and sleeping on time these are few habits which will help them in the future.

Importance of Discipline in physical education

One of the important aspects of physical education is discipline. It will help them to plan their studies, finances, and life in general. They will be able to allot time to studies and for fun too. Along with academics children should get time to be children, it is the best phase of human life.

Interpersonal Skills & Teamwork in physical education

Physical education and sports improve the interpersonal skills of children. these skills are very crucial at the job and in the relationship. P.E teaches how to communicate messages effectively and how to work together.

Importance of Stress Buster by taking part in physical activities 

Education comes with exams, assignments, projects, homework and that can put a lot of stress on students. Along with they also have parents expectations burden, Financial worries. in today’s time overuse social media make them suffer from social anxiety, envy, and FOMO. In this case, physical education becomes a great outlet. It cuts them from all these worries and situations. because of it, they will be able to focus more on studies and life in general.

Physical education makes you Confident

With improved interpersonal skills, easy and calm composure, healthy habit one becomes more confident about themselves. P.E plays a great role in this too.

Physical education can be A alternate Career Opportunity

Every person is different, not all students will be great at academics and there no such rule too. Young people find themselves in trouble of choosing a career. Physical education can help them in this too. One might find their internet in sports and games. P.E is a good opportunity to scout for potential athletic talent too. Being in the right career matters a lot. If one gets to do a thing which they love to do, their life will be happier. P.E. can help them to find that or at least narrow down the choices.


Health is Wealth- physical education 

Our current generation is suffering from obesity from an early age. They also get spectacles at an early age. Obesity comes with related illnesses too. An obese child prone to diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stress, blood pressure etc. Habits formed with physical education will make them fit from early childhood. It will encourage them to improve and maintain their health in the future.

Anti -Depressant- taking part in physical activities

It is proven that physical activities help us to relieve stress. Though we know it is importance, we make all possible excuses to avoid it. P.E helps us to maintain a timely schedule of physical activities. Students become calmer and composed, and then they can focus more on their goals.

Develops motor skills  by physical education 

When you take part in physical activities, it is a great way to improve and develop your motor skills. Coordination among the body parts is very essential for a healthy living. Only when everything falls in place that a person can advantage of it. So taking part in physical activities or sports can help develop Hand-eye coordination, enhance the body movements and contibutes in the development of a healthy posture. 

Conclusion on physical education

Physical education makes us active, focused, composed and happy in life. It makes us disciplined and organized. The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Increase in self-esteem and mental alertness make school sports and games necessary for every school age child. At NPS-ITPL, we lay a strong emphasis on sports and physical development. The football turf and basketball court are designed according to the national standards, and the spacious playground enables our students to build their physical fitness and develop interest in various sports activities Habits formed with the help of physical education tends to stay with us for a long time. We need to bring skilled coaches and needed equipment to schools. Students need to make aware of its benefits. They should not do it like it is yet another forced activity. There are real advantages of physical education and at present situation, children, as well as adults, need it the most.


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