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Learn to say no to your child

Learn to say no to your child

Most parents want their kids to be happy. Most of the time, when your kids are happy, you’re pleased. The contrary is also true—it’s so tough to see your child heartbroken, because it hurts you too. For many parents, it’s easier to give in than to deal with their child’s adverse reaction or their own feelings of anger, or general worry. Some parents give in by doing their child’s chores for them without holding them responsible because they don’t feel like fighting about it. So basically, parents can become too focused on their short-term goals: to get some peace and quiet or to feel better emotionally. If this is you, it’s time to shift your focus to the bigger picture keeping in mind about the future of your kids. Below are few situations when we have to say no the kids

o    When their actions might hurt someone or break something

o    When they could do it on their own

o    When plans change

o    When kids don’t understand the value of product, they purchase

o    When someone else’s needs (temporarily) matter more

o    When it’s against your values 

Giving alternatives

o    Yes” Can Mean “No” Children hear “no” too many times, harming their language development and potentially causing resentment. It’s entirely possible to say “yes” while meaning “no.” For example, if your child asks for a cookie, you can reply: “Yes, you can have a cookie after dinner.” If they ask for a new toy while shopping, say: “Yes, if this is what you want for birthday.” In this way, your child has the opportunity to get what they want on a special day and learns to compromise.  

o    Saying “no” is difficult. You want to make your children happy. It’s a lot easier, at least at the moment, to cave into their wants. It’s also easier to shout. However, given the long-term adverse effects, it’s imperative that you spend time learning to communicate calmly and effectively.


Once if you say no to something to your kids, stay strong to it .it may be tough for the kid to adopt in the initial days later they will learn what should be done and what should not.

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