iSpark, Holistic Happiness Studio

In order to achieve its mission of 'igniting Sparks of Happiness', iSparkoffersvarious programmes for children, women and families as a whole. Each programme is delivered bywell trainedprofessionals and experts in theirrespectivefields.The core philosophy of aligning Body, Mind and Soul is adhered to while delivering these wonderful programmes!

Summary: iSpark, is one such experiential learning Holistic Happiness Studio whichwasfoundedby Ms. Manisha KanoriaLohia. iSparkhas been physically structured as a 'playden' where children can unwind as well as learn through each other and primarily through experiential learning. The colours and murals of animals define the place such that the children feel it is their place and adults feel that they are back to their childhood.

Experiential Learning Centres are Gaining Momentum: Experiential learning is the practice of learningby means ofdoing. It encourages childrento experience, observe,analyse, experiment and eventually learn!It is a lot more fun since children getfirst-hand experience with materials.Children are natural-born 'explorers.' They enjoy learning by means of independent discovery. Experiential education turns 'textbook knowledge' in to practical life applications. This can be much more interesting for a child and a way for them to enjoy what they're learning once they see its purpose. These experiences stay with them as a memory and they will be able to remember them well in the future.

Role of Experiential Centres in Moulding your Child's Future: The primary focus of these experiential centres is tobuild a healthy, happy and holistic life for children as well as parents through the development of the body, mind and soul.Kids learn to work more effectively together. They start developing a plan of action and understand the unique qualities of each team member and use them effectively in achieving a particular task. At the same time, they also develop a real-life leadership skill and learn how to apply critical thinking and adapt to changing circumstances.

Some of the Programmes are: Young Champs Any Body Can Dance & Exercise (ABCDE) Physical Fitness & Mindful Eating Miraaya WoW 3L's Yoga Book Reading Storytelling (With morals and values) Gardening Sparkling Minions Besides these, iSpark also offers unique programmes for women, families, schools and corporates.

The Happy Membership Plan: The Happy Membership Plan:iSparkhas come up with The Happy Membership Plan, availing whichParents can drop in their children at anytime of the day at iSpark!The Membership Plan includes access to the Children's Fitness Space, Happy Library, Creativity & Board Games Corner and Weekly Fun Events. Tolearn more aboutiSpark, visit Contact 044-43570807.
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