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Is tution necessary for slow learner

Extra attention is important for slow learners:yes,slow learners need extra attention in studies from parents or tutor.But now-a-days With the busy schedule it becomes difficult for parents to focus and help their children with homework and exam preparation.They cannot concentrate on their kids. In this situation,a parent can hire a tutor for their kids and ensure that their child's school work is getting the attention it deserves.

Consistant access of tutor : In private home tuition, the tutor has a consistent access to his students, and in this way, he can watch, analyze and make precise assessments about the knowledge level of the students, thus providing them with a proper strategy and study plan that will help them perform well in exams.
Clear all the doubts : In school teacher may teach little faster as she needs to complete the portions faster .due to which slow learners may not be able to catch the speed and clear all their doubts.The best advantage of private tutor is when students have any question and doubts regarding their subjects The tutor helps students in clearing all the doubts.Home tutor will right away, give a short, brief and clear solution on the topic. This will help the slow learner to grasp the topic easily

Personalised attention:In school teachers have to take care of all the students so they cannot give personalised attention to slow learner. Therefore Private home tuition help students with personalized one-to-one attention and customized study plan that particularly address their weaker subject areas. The private home tutor will have the capacity to quickly identify the subject or topic in which a student is facing difficulty.
Encouragement : In class tests if the slow learners get less marks in tests. Some teachers starts shouting at them in front of the class which brings down their confidance level. But the home tutor after the test will encourage them to do well in test in the next test.

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