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Influence of Cartoons in Kids

Fun for kids is limited to cartoons and video games these days. Numerous cartoon channels are available for kids to choose from, not to forget the regional language cartoon channels. The amount of time kids spends on these channels influence their behavior to a great extent. They ape their favorite characters and their actions speak a lot about how much they are addicted to these cartoons.  Due to the environment in which the cartoons are set up, the audio-visual effects and the color scheme, children tend towards cartoons more than watching educational videos. The effects of cartoons on children cannot always be termed as a negative influence there are proven scientific research that says children do learn from cartoons , the ability of them to reproduce the behavior of the characters and recall the words from their favorite show tell us the cognitive ability of the child. It is now with the parents to act on educating their child the consequence of their action from a cartoon show

Influence of Cartoons in Kids


Here are some positive effects that cartoons can have on children: 

Imagination of kids while watching cartoon

        The imagination of a child is expanded with cartoons. They think of ideas inspired by cartoons and come up with their own stories, crafts based on it. Creativity is greatly improved

Language of kids

         Linguistic Skill of a child is developed as they pick up the language of the characters far quickly and watching them in their native and English helps grow their language skills. Vocabulary is improved too.

New Culture and Places

         Kids get a taste of different culture in which the cartoon is set up in and it shows them different parts of the world. Peppa Pig for instance shows a taste of Britain while Doremon shows them the culture of Japan. 

Informative cartoons

          Some Cartoons like Number Blocks, Dora teaches kids numbers, colors, history, ethics etc. Kids learn faster from a cartoon than by reading or studying.

Negative Influence is also not avoidable from these cartoons. Some of them are

Violence and Social Behavior while watching cartoon

        Some cartoons depict characters displaying rude or disobedient behavior towards parents, older people and their friends. Watching these kinds of cartoons encourages kids to be violent in real life too. Cartoons also impose unsociable behavior. These can make your children think it is normal to be aggressive, ruined, or bratty.

Health Issues 

         Children watching cartoons for more than 5 hours a day suffer from depression, vision problems, obesity due to lack of physical play. This may lead to serious health problems in their future.


To make cartoons a healthy entertainment and good valuable source of learning for children, Parents should spend more time with kids in selecting the appropriate cartoons which claims positive effects towards them.

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