Importance of Residential Schools

According to a research, the residential school students succeed at significantly higher than any private day or public school students. It is because students flourish in the rich culture, friendship, arts, athletics and intellectual discourse. The one international residential school in Bangalore, that I would recommend is Sharanya Narayani International School.  My daughter who is studying at Sharanya Narayani International School, has made leaps and bounds, academically and socially.  The small class size, excellent teachers and strong friendships she developed enabled her to succeed in school.  Such offerings supervise and structures student life experience.

There are countless options for arts and athletics, multiple playing fields, outdoor basketball, and swimming pool and fitness room.

Sharanya Narayani International School is one of the best residential schools in Bangalore where children can grow and develop into socially responsible, the school is managed by a non-profit charitable Trust – Narayani Group of Educational Institutions. The school is named after Late Mrs. Narayani Abbaiah Reddy who strongly believed that education can empower anyone.



  • The school aims to ensure the overall development of every student by balancing academics, sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • The school follows IGSCE and IB syllabus.
  • Apart from academics, the school offers extracurricular activities such as yoga, meditation and exercises.


  • The school has excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure for students to learn and discover the world around them.
  • The school houses well-equipped classrooms and library and advanced computer and science laboratory.
  • The school also has a huge playground and facilities to learn aerobics, swimming, yoga, and martial arts.


Address: #232/1,Thoranahalli, Byranahalli post, Near Hoskote (Bangalore), Karnataka – 563130

Phone: +91 99015 60066

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