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Importance of Balancing Sports and Academics

Balancing sports and academics is difficult, but possible. And it is totally worth it! After all student should rather look back and say, "I can't believe I did that" instead of saying, I wish my life had some interesting stories to tell.

Physical education and sports requires weight age in the school curriculum and  is not an easy task. Parents take time to accept sports at par with academics for their children. JES Public school suggests that  having students involved in sports, benefits come with demand and sacrificing the time meant for "academic rituals" and finding balance between sports and academics is essential for student, coaches and parents.They can play a pivotal role in providing the required support

Helping students find the right Balance

Implementing time-saving tips and their staunch support, parents, coaches can aid in finding the balance not only in school but also on the playing field and in their lives.The following should be noted to find the right balance

Help them Prioritize

First of all, help the child to prepare a list of his/her priorities. If the child is interested in sports and is as strong in academics, then establish that the child should give up on watching their favorite TV program and other things so that they  have ample time to complete their  homework and academics do not take a backseat.

Help them Plan

Guide your child to get a grip on their time table or course schedule and help them answer the questions as they plan

  • How many hours will they need to finish your task?
  • Can they catch up with studies during breaks or while travelling?
  • Will they have enough free time to participate in other activities?

There are some useful tools like a hard copy .Time management app helps them map out thier sports and study schedule

Communicate and Engage

While maintaining the importance of sports, help child develop a positive attitude towards school and learning. Talking and listening plays a major role in children's school and sports success. Make them believe that they have a scope to commit mistakes, praise them when they deserve it and surely  it will keep them motivated.

Watch out for Warning Signs

Sometimes balancing sports and academics becomes very difficult for the children,even if they even stretch themselves. Encourage them to take breaks from both studies and sports, it is important for children to have unstructured time to just be themselves.

Remain alert and save the children from burn-outs if they come across signs such as:

  • Sudden drop in their grades
  • Lack of motivation or poor attitude towards sport
  • Making excuses to skip practice or going to school
  • Physical illness when it's time to participate in sports

At their core, sports are fun for children but if the children stop having fun, it's time to re-evaluate them whether they should consider a new sport or stop altogether.

Right balance between Academics and Sports

Striking the right balance between academics and sports can be a thorn in the flesh and require a team approach to achieve it. With right help, guidance and communication from all parties involved, children can benefit from playing  sport while still enjoying a quality academic experience by prioritizing their interests and steering their lives in the right direction.


If they totally benefit from sports and academics, one would acquire organizational skills worthy of any professional manager through sports while academics would help in shaping up the fundamentals of one's lifelong knowledge base.

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