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How to save money on Coding for kids?

Education has become a costly affair these days. The fact that websites on Technology and Programming for kids are a dime a dozen nowadays, but not all of them are affordable and provide the correct guidance. And one cannot figure out why such coding classes are of the exorbitant price?

Umm...Can’t completely blame these websites because it’s also the parent’s perception that changes the career outlook of their children.

Most of us probably presume and tend to see Education as a mere investment rather than a gradual process of gaining knowledge. Well, That’s where we need to change our viewpoint. The notion that - the more you invest, the better your child excels in their career is a fallacy. But how do we initiate an inexpensive and efficient learning process?  Simple! Through coding games.


Now I understand your curiosity - why start with coding?

Coding is meant only for kids who want to sustain themselves in the programming industry is a misleading thought. There’s a lot more...,

Click here to get an eye opener on coding for kids.


Coming back to Coding with games

Practically experiencing through gradual exploration gives a massive boost to our learning process & the retention rate of the learning outcomes is long-lasting. It’s a proven analogy by National Training Laboratories for Applied Behavior Science, Bethel, Maine. 

(Check out the graph below.)

Gaming is all about practising by doing and Coding games emphasize on kid’s activity and their involvement in basic coding with its interactive gaming environment. 

As we can see the peak of the graph with Lectures contributing to only 5% of the average retention rate, learning to code online through relentless classes makes the kid more passive and we could imagine the pressure developed on little minds to meet the expectations of such high paid classes. Next is the grueling curriculum of these coding classes, Let’s accept that it is way too exhausting & unrelatable to children’s learning space. Well, why does anyone want to buy a costly baggage of burden to kids? 

Coding Game levels are about solving the real-time problem in a gamified environment. It is about challenging each other and putting an active effort to win over others. There is no failing here, unlike the class tests, it’s all about practising the game levels in creative ways to explore a solution to it. 

In this way, Wasted game levels actually help kids learn coding & the gradual clearing of such game levels lets children acquire skills at their own pace. 

Now, Is there any game that gives the performance parameters of kids' coding skills? Yes! Actually, there are many under one roof - HackerKid.

BOOM! It’s Free! HackerKid is the new style of website coding for kids.

Want to know what more HackerKid has to offer your kid? Read this (or) Visit HackerKid official website.

Wish to know how to start with python game code? Read this. 


Puzzled between learning to code in Scratch or Python? Read this.

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