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How to Encourage Kids to Ride Cycle

Most parents have fond memories of riding bikes when they were a kid and they have great stories to tell their about riding to school for many years in primary and high school. Just Buy Cycles is a multi band retailer and restorer of bicycles, Baby rides, Fitness products and Electric bicycle and our Vision is to “redefine bicycle retailing” offline and online.We have strive hard to give the best experience to all customers with best in class sales and service practices. Just Buy Cycles quotes that “Students who actively travel makes kids awake and alert, improving their concentration in class and ability to understand the curriculum” Parents should encourage kids to ride cycle at least once in a while because it really it’s not that hard to have kids riding to school all year round in most towns. As we all know there are so many reasons to get kids riding to school as it’s not only does it increase kids fitness and well being also make them active and alert.

How to Encourage Kids to Ride Cycle

Here’s some encouraging tips for getting kid ride a Cycle

  1. Have a Good Kids Helmet
  2. Encourage Kids to Use a Lock
  3. Use a Customized Bicycle Bell
  4. Bicycle Lights
  5. Practice Traffic Skills
  6. Ride with Your Kids

Have a Good Kids Helmet:

Firstly make sure you've fitted it properly. The helmet should meet the highest safety standards and with the fully adjustable fit system, sizing suits a range from 52 to 57cms head size, or most kids between 4-10 years,also do check for a reflective panel in the front, chin protector, sun visor, large vents and vibrant colour which makes the helmet in no.1 in safety and design.

Encourage Kids to Use a Lock:

 Teach kids the responsibility of owning a cycle by making them lock it up at school or even when they go to extra-curricular activities or outings.  When kids lock their bike, they take ownership and responsibility of taking care of it and this will spill on to other areas of their life. 

Use a Customized Bicycle Bell:

 All Cycles should come with a bell but you can customise your cycle with some really cool bells to encourage them to ride.

Bicycle Lights:

As parents we might not intend kid riding at night or even dusk or dawn, but sometimes with dark clouds they might end up riding in very low light and having the bicycle lights ready and working is essential. It might seem simple but this red reflector sticker on the back of this helmet helps drivers see this small rider

Practice Traffic Skills:

Intend your child to ride on the footpath or on bike tracks only, it’s never too early to teach kids traffic skills. At the very least, teach kids how to signal and how to avoid common bike-car collisions to cycle safely.

Ride with Your Kids:

 In the early years of your kid, the best thing you can do is to ride along with them to school or any other place or another option is to organise a ride as a group with other parents/kids from your neighbourhood. It also helps kids learn coordination and the riding parent will needs to be comfortable with kids riding skills. There are more opportunities for younger kids to ride to school, with at least one parent supervising the trip.

Lastly, but not least, make sure the bike is in good working condition


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