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How IGCSE helps your child to be Future ready?

International General Certificate of Secondary Education Board (IGCSE)is a globally recognized English language curriculum, similar to CBSE or ICSE examinations. While many schools follow other Education curriculum, several international schools do follow the IGCSE curriculum mindfulness of every child to ensure that every child feels safe, supported and motivated. Today, parents have a numerous number of educational boards from which to choose, to enroll their children. It is not just the SSC, CBSE or ICSE .This is a look at the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) board.

How IGCSE helps your child to be Future ready?

How IGCSE Helps

International General Certificate of Secondary Education Board or IGCSE Board is one of the most sought-after curriculum in the ever-evolving world of education.

What is IGCSE

IGCSE was developed by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).IGSCE has now become a popular choice for students aged 14-16 and has been adopted effectively by numerous educational institutions.

Choosing IGCSE Curriculum

IGCSE Curriculum prepares students to enroll admission to International Universities in a better manner than other curriculums. As this board programs are more practical and application-based. The designers of the curriculum and the assessment in Cambridge have been determined to create a framework which supports both the teachers and the learners. Students from alternative education board or adult students can also write the examination. There are also some Cambridge schools which allow private students to write the IGCSE examinations.
IGCSE Curriculum is flexible and easy to adapt. IGCSE curriculum is designed in such a way that it encourages students to come up with new ideas and resources. The teachers/instructors not only provide the foundation of the syllabus while students are expected to analyze the subject matter to develop a better understanding of the same and are taught to become independent with minimal supervision. The IGCSE curriculum does not promote rote learning so the students need not have to sit with heaps of notes to be memorized.IGCSE curriculum is ideal for students who plan to relocate and pursue higher studies in foreign countries.

Benefits of IGCSE Curriculum

Most of the International Universities prefer students who have atleast one IGCSE Certification. The assessment techniques are to check the problem-solving skills, time-management skills, practical and oral skills, initiative and application of skills, knowledge, and understanding. IGCSE curriculum gives an international perspective to studies and it is compelling as well. This curriculum is moreover like a jump from State level to International level as the State board is traditionally more of rote learning whereas this curriculum is of application-oriented learning.

Choosing IGCSE Subjects

More than 70 subjects are offered by IGCSE board. Each group in this curriculum has 5 subject groups with several subjects within it. A student should take a minimum of 5 subjects and maximum of 14 subjects. |The cores subjects are English, Mathematics, and Science. For each subject, 1 IGCSE Certificate will be awarded and for five subjects, 5 certificates will be awarded. The number of subjects need to be taken varies from school to school.

Choosing Schools which offer IGCSE

The best thing about IGCSE is that the age-old method of spoon-feeding of subjects is a strongly discouraged in this curriculum. While selecting the best international school for your child, make sure to keep an eye on the city as well. The city you choose for your children is also closely associated with their studies and factors such as safety, transportation, and friendliness play an important role upon the overall performance of students. Today most of the people opt for Chennai.Chennai also is a home to some renowned educational institutions in India. The Sun Smart Foundation International School is one among them. SunSmart is one of the top international schools in Chennai with top-notch facilities and infrastructure. At Sunsmart, school gives the freedom to deliver an inquiry-based program and design a curriculum that is guided by a Question-Think-Learn process. The school focus is also on the socio-emotional development and mindfulness of every child to ensure that every child feels safe, supported and motivated.

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