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How Children and Technology should Interact for Better Learning

In today’s generation where people have the whole world on their finger tips it is very important for a kid to interact with technology as much as he/she can and get to learn new things about it and through it. Technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and help students to be successful. Instead of teacher's being the only source of help in a classroom, students can get help from websites, online tutorials, and more to assist them. Technology has leaked into all aspects of our lives and for some young people, it’s always been that way. Kids are born in a generation of smartphones and computers and it might be hard for them to imagine life without technology at the forefront. We must teach kids how to use technology in such a way which would help them with their education as well.  Here are a few suggestions how the kids can better use the technology:

How Children and Technology should Interact for Better Learning


Here are the few suggestions listed below: 

  • Educational Apps:

In most cases, technology distracts kids while they’re trying to study. Educational apps in today’s world are a way to reverse that trend. There are plenty of educational technologies solutions and apps on the market that make learning process fun and exciting. Such apps helps kids to enjoy learning and challenge them which will help them with their studies and make learning fun.

  • IPad and Tablets in Classrooms:

Many modern classrooms are now equipped with IPad and other devices that are connected to a centralized learning management system. IPad allow for smoother communication and exchange of materials between teachers and students. This saves a considerable amount of time.

There are many apps with electronic quizzes, submissions, and supervision. These apps can instantly score the multiple-choice quizzes and post results. Thus it is helpful for teachers as they can see which students have submitted assignments and even get reports about when and how long students have been working on the work given to him. 

  • E-books:

A digital textbook that is merely a PDF on a tablet that students can carry around which will be very helpful for the students to have much more information about the topic and can also use various sources for learning like flow charts, models, etc.

  • Educational Channels and Podcasts:

There are plenty of educational channels and podcasts such as TED Talks, instructional, YouTube channels and much more that students can watch and gain knowledge. Many of the educational channels are about technology in education.

  • Online Courses and Classes:

Websites such as Coursera or Udemy offer a wide range of online courses, some of which are taught by university professors, If your kid starts to learn things from these courses he will start becoming curious and excited about things after sometime and it will make him busy with some useful things.

  • Best stimulation and models:

Digital simulations and models can help to learn concepts that are too big or difficult or processes that happen too quickly or too slowly.

  • Epistemic Games:

Epistemic Games put students in roles such as city planner, journalist, or engineer and ask them to solve real-world problems which they would face. This game provides several examples of how immersing students in the adult world through commercial game-like simulations can help students learn important concepts which can help students in pursuing there dreams.

It have real-world skills, high standards and professional values, and a particular way of thinking about problems and solving it and justifying solutions.


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