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Dear Sir/ Madam

Hope you all are well.

We are one of the reputed and experienced private detective agency working since 1999 having a separate unit of Graphology.


We are practising Graphology based counselling since 2003 and we teach Graphology since 2010.


During this pandemic and locked situation we observed that children are going through a very unusual situation ( actually we all are ).which leads them in psychological problems.


Anger, Anxiety, Depression, moroseness, monotonous life, all are effecting them.


Here the advantage of Graphology comes as all students have to write


It is not required to bring them to a psychological clinic for counselling or some where else. Just send us their present hand writing in a plain white A4 size sheet. 


As Graphology can tell about the personality traits and mental condition of the writer we can judge their mental health . Slight changing of their hand writing pattern can give them peace, positivity,  

We have already done a workshop on Graphology with some schools in Kolkata.


Our proposal :-

All students will write and send that scanned photo to our mail  ( actually parents will send ) .This mail must have the name of the school, name of the student, class and section with name and contact number of the parents.


We will send the basic analysis. To the school and to the parents.


Parents may send the hard copy to our physical address.


Fees per student is Rs. 100 only. After receiving the photo of the writing we will send our bank A/C details and guardian will deposit Rs. 100 mentioning the name of the student by informing us through phone or whatsapp..After that we will send them the analysis.


Any one can contact us to continue the counselling process. In this case our charges  are as follows :-

Hand writing analysis Rs. 700

Counselling Rs. 700 per sitting.

Family counselling Rs. 1200 per sitting.

It generally takes 5 to 8 sittings  






We also conduct Graphology courses.


We also conduct workshop on Graphology ( with renowned Psychologist ) with the teachers online and offline both.


Fees Rs.2000.00


For more details visit https://graphologyinstitute.wixsite.com/handwritinganalysis


Warm Regards


Avirup Mitra


Institute of Graphology

Mobile No. 9831040887



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  • What we do in the Institute of Graphology Kolkata ​ Hand writing analysis​, Child development, ​parenting, counselling,​ graphotherapy, ​personality rectification,​ compatibility between partners (Marriage, Business, dealers, Distributors etc), ​career and education counselling and guidance , ​recruitment assistance, ​Psychological counselling with expert psychologists And this learning institute teach Graphology in a very homely and friendly atmosphere. Call 9831040887 Mail Id graphologykolkata@gmail.com https://graphologyinstitute.wixsite.com/handwritinganalysis

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