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Facts to know about Know Your Aptitude (KYA) Exam for Class 9 & 10 Students

The KYA exam is for students studying in class 9 and 10. The CBSE officials believe that these are the years when students decide what course they will pursue after school and therefore it will be the perfect time to get their aptitudes tested.

Facts to know about Know Your Aptitude (KYA) Exam for Class 9 & 10 Students

Facts to know about Know Your Aptitude (KYA)   

Why should students write KYA aptitude test ?

Central Board Of Secondary Education has recently introduced KYA (Know Your Aptitude)for the students to make students aware of their skills and strengths and this will help them in deciding what choices they should make for the future. Students often dont know their skills and ability. Students sometimes end up making the wrong choices and dont succeed in life. So an aptitude test, helps students validate themselves and make the best out of themselves. Students get to know their interests more. 
This test is specially launched for the students of 9th and students of 10th Class.

Here are some facts to know about KYA Exam for students 

  1. Students who are interested in attempting the Know Your Aptitude (KYA) can download the KYA documents from the official website of CBSE.
  2. The KYA test has been developed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for students. 
  3. The students can take the test on any working day by going to the website and logging in through their school id credentials.
  4. For those schools which have registered ,test guides, manual, test booklets and the answer sheets will be available on the CBSE Website and the same applies for the students who apply.                  
  5. It is not mandatory for schools or students to register for the tests
  6.  Teachers, trained in scoring and assessment of the tests will do so after the students take the KYA exam. They will share the results with parents and students so they can extend their support to their kids in their career choice.
  7. KYA exam is to be used to keep in view the students’ needs in their stage of education. The information about a student’s strengths and limitations would also help parents, teachers and the school administrators to extend support to the student while making such decisions.

How to download documents for KYA Test 

  • Go on the official website of CBSE i.e. to find CBSE Aptitude test.
  • Use your School ID and password (you got when you filled the LOC form).
  • Download the Documents to be eligible for the exam

Documents Available for the Exam 

  1. KYA Guide for teachers
  2.  KYA Technical Manual
  3.  KYA Test Booklet
  4.  KYA Answer Sheet

KYA a path for students to make right career choice 

KYA is not a mandatory exam for students but still it is advisable for the students to give it an attempt as it will introduce to strengths and weaknesses and also be helpful in choosing the right career. Students often get confused to chose their career at one point of time. Making right choice is often difficult for students, so the best way to do so is writing the Aptitude test that will help them make the right choice. 

KYA not a Mandatory Exam for students 

Students of the class 9th and 10th are not forced to write this exam. Taking such exams are completely students choice. In order to get clarity about their career path, students write this exam and make a choice for themselves. 

Pros of Aptitude Test 

Students might have inner talents that can help enhance students their career path that they are not aware of. An aptitude test will uncover the students hidden abilities and help to enhance them. Resume Help has all of the resources that a student needs to put the aptitude test results into action. Utilize the professional resources at Resume Help to get your career going in the right direction. Your company may be passing you by for promotion because you do not show the necessary level of competence for your field. To improve that, students can use the results from an aptitude test to improve their competence and get that promotion. Since many aptitude tests are standardized, students can be assured of reliable and valid results. If any legal dispute arises about the students recruitment practices. Students can challenge them using the test results. Therefore, before using any aptitude test as part of your recruitment process, find out if it is standardized and applicable to your country’s employment law. Most aptitude and career tests are carried out on computers. As a result, they are very cost-effective and easy to administer. It also expedites the grading process, minimizing the period that a position (maybe even an important position) is left vacant and the labour hours dedicated to recruitment, as it’s possible to have a viable student much sooner.

Cons of Aptitude Test  

Students abilities and accomplishments are based on experiences such as upbringing, home setting, education and opportunities. All these will have an impact on the results of the aptitude test that students write. For example, the students will have to be fully proficient in English. If its not the students mother tongue, then the student might be disqualified in spite of his other abilities. An expensive preparatory course is an excellent tool for succeeding. There is a psychological effect that may negatively affect the performance of students known as test anxiety. This type of stress can manifest itself psychosomatic ally in various symptoms; increased blood pressure and heart rate, dizziness, chest tightening and shortness of breath. The emotional effects can inhibit students individual's ability to perform, which might cost you a viable and valid candidate.

Limitations of KYA Test for students  

The physical, social and emotional environment of the student is often different from the actual environment in the job or in college. This reduces the predictive value of aptitude test. An aptitude test gives student a prediction of the probability only. Students know that there is never any certainty that predictions will always come true. It is noticed that brilliant students sometimes fail to top the list while an average student who was initially not doing well may top the list. 

Aptitude Tests for Companies that students undergo 

Many organisations use aptitude tests as part of their recruitment process for the students. These tests can be very useful for showing a students’s strengths, talents and limitations. Aptitude tests not only focus on someone’s past accomplishments but can also preclude recruiters to their candidates’ capacity to perform in future.
Know Your Aptitude (KYA) exam will also help students in making an informative decision while choosing subjects in class 11-12.

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