In this competitive age, parents are often worried about whether their child is smart enough to compete, and if they can do anything which may help to increase the intelligence level of the child. It is believed that the right amount of incitement at an early age considerably will enhance a child’s mental capabilities. The early years of growth are thus the prime time to focus on a child’s intellectual development. One of the joys of being a parent is seeing your child growing up right before your eyes. Seeing them become mature as they go through the different growth and developmental stages of their childhood is priceless. From birth, children are said to have a mind like an open slate, they are always open and receptive to learning and instructions given to them by parents and caregivers. Parents play an important role in the upbringing of a child and can determine some behavior and characteristics the child will take with him/her into adolescence and adulthood. One of these characteristics include intelligence. This might sound a bit debatable but it is kind of true that parents can determine the level of smartness and intelligence that their kids have.


Here are some helpful ways that make your kid smart and active.  

Don’t Read to Your Kids, Read With Them

Apart from talking, walking and running, one major skill children are expected to master as they start to grow is reading. The ability to read is base to learning anything. The rule for most parents is to read stories to the children at bedtime or during any other time of the day. This strategy is not so helpful to the children as it promotes apathy towards reading which may also result in a learning difficulty for the children in the future. Read to your children, slowly and compassionately. Slow down , try get down to their level and read together in unison. This helps them to develop reading skills and it also boosts their cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Allow Your Child to Take Risks and Fail

One of the important characteristics of childhood is interests. Children are usually highly spirited and lively in nature. It is not unusual that children will be playful and are a bit forgetful while learning, so stay or flow along with them. Playing is part of the intellectual development processes of  the children, as far as the game is not a dangerous one. They are young and are still trying to make sense out of their new environment and them, so give them the freedom and privilege to be themselves and do as they want. Don’t be too critical or harsh on their mistakes, kids usually make mistakes during Games and they progress at it on their second or third shot at the same game or problem. Mistakes are a part of the learning process. Hence, parents should be prepared to let their kids take risks and fail. In due time the children will adjust and understand what you want them to know or make them learn and you would be proud of the efforts taken.

Give Your Kid Smart Computer Games

Some things are unavoidable in this world; one of them includes that children will always cherish or want video games. As a parent, there is no escape or getaway from this reality. However, you can make the reality to twist in your favor. Rather than getting them games that have very little or no intellectual value, get them those games that will improve their reasoning skills and perceptual abilities and make them smarter. For instance, puzzle games or adventure themed games that require a lot of strategy and skill to play – which can be found on the internet – which will be a lot more helpful to the children rather than the games with a direct and open style of play.

Don’t Forget to Encourage Your Kid to Explore

Children’s mind are explorers. It is necessary that you encourage your child to explore. It helps them be more creative in nature and ingenious. The personality and natural creativeness  of a child are best discovered during the process of exploration. While observing their play habits, parents can find out the passion and hobbies of their children and can start to help nurture them into increasing their abilities and personality in a productive way that will benefit them greatly in future. Furthermore, encouraging the children to explore helps to improve their confidence and self-esteem which will be extremely helpful for them as they grow up.

Encourage His Curiosity

How much ever busy you are as a parent, always take out time to be with your children. While spending time with them, engage yourself into various activities together. Surprise the children with gifts and take them to visit new places occasionally, then carefully answer the questions that they ask you. Alternatively, you can also ask simple questions to your children and if possible try to be creative with the questions you ask so that they respond with more and more questions back to you to which you will answer in as simple and illustrative way as you possibly can.

Make Music a Part of Your Child’s Life

Music helps children naturally learn new sounds and learn new words. Much importantly, music helps the children’s mind and body to work in sync. As a parent, do make music a major part of your child’s life, because it helps in strengthening their memory. They will unknowingly begin learning the lyrics of the song and also strengthen their memory power in the process. Music also helps the children to improve their self-expression.

In conclusion, you can mould and shape the future you want for your child. Success in any endeavor is an intentional activity, therefore be intentional in imbibing the right principles and habits into your children right from infancy; you will be glad you did.

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