Do not Ignore the creative side of the brain

Half-Brain Teaching Isn't Enough 

In today's societies there is a lot of focus on the logical and analytical brain functions. Many schools are cutting the ‘extras’ like art and music. However, students need to be well rounded and really need subjects like those to be considered more than ‘extra’, and while there are many people fighting to keep these programs in schools, the international economy and jobs outlook is demanding more focus on STEM.

3 Left Brain Functions

  1. It controls muscles on the right side of the body
  2. It controls language, math, logic, speech, analytics, logistics, intellect.
  3. It tends to prefer verbal instructions, talking and writing, and multiple choice tests

3 Right Brain Functions

  1. It controls muscles on the left side of the body
  2. It controls spatial abilities, facial recognition, visual imagery, arts and music, emotion, and creativity
  3. It tends to prefer demonstrated instructions, drawing and manipulating objects and open ended questions

A Day In The Life Of Brain
Persons who say they are excellent at reading but poor in math or vice-versa often fail to understand that either half of the brain does not go unused in the span of a day simply because of a preconceived notion of the strength of either side. From the moment you wake up, you start using both sides of the brain in tandem. Both sides of the brain, rather than one or the other, will determine personality traits, while the center of the brain (often forgotten in the discussion) realizes when you have made errors and how to correct them.

4 Famous Dual-Brainers

  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs: imaginative and visionary
  • Yahoo! founder Marissa Mayer: connects ideas in systematic fashion
  • Physicist Albert Einstein: imagines and communicates complex concepts
  • Samsung head of design Dong-Hoon Chang: innovative as well as forward-thinking

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