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DIY Rainy day Craft ( Free Printable)

Rainy days are wonderful days to cozy up with your little ones and have fun with them.
Being indoor and having no outside fun can never be boring if you have something crafty to do.  
Here is a DIY just themed for a rainy day. 
Its a  Rainbow Cloud Charm
Things you need
#1 Printed copy of the clouds, raindrop and rainbow
#2 Colors
#3 Threads and ribbons
#4 Cellophane tape
How to do
1. Cut the printout in its shape.
2. Color the rain drops, rainbow and the clouds using either water color or any other medium like crayons / color pencils.
3. Hang the rain drops from the clouds using thread and cellophane tape.
5. Attach the ribbon to the rainbow by cellophane tape.
6. Now you can hand your Rainbow Cloud Charm anywhere you want.


Posted in Learning on August 17 2019 at 12:57 PM

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