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DIY planner (for Just Rs.50)

We always feel like running out of notepads and journals. Here is a very easy DIY to do a compact planner.
Things you need 
1.Old diary cover
2. White sheet
3.Gift wrapped
5. Sketch set
6.stick notes 

First take an old diary, tear away the pages.
Once you have the hard cover of the diary cover it with gift wrapper (Like how you cover a school book).
Paste a plain white paper inside the dairy.
Now one side u can stick your sketch set And stick note. And to the other side stick the note pad.( Either use a fevicol or a glue gun for this).
You can use this as traveling art not for your kids.
Instead of sketch you can also use crayons or colour pencils too.
Enjoy making this easy DIY with your kids.



Posted in Learning on August 16 2019 at 11:14 AM

Author For DIY planner (for Just Rs.50)

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