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Tags for Digital integration; a forever storyteller of EDUCATION.

Digital integration; a forever storyteller of EDUCATION.

You are not alone if you think that the idea of what constitutes present education is still unclear. But, walking down the lane of time, we understand that the birth of technology has toppled the ideology of Education. The innovation in Education has made all the academics, who are supposed to be denizens of their rare field place to step out of their ivory tower.

Digitalization is a term thrown around a lot in the recents. The brilliance of incorporating innovative technology into learning process is the print of a new history and the culmination of a sepia-hued period. This new compendium underlines the tasks, challenges and milestones in furtherance with all new viewpoint.

Working shoulder to shoulder TECHNOLOGY and EDUCATION will clear out the apprehensiveness lingering in every learner minds. In the years leading up, Education will be paired and experienced with technology. Effective integration of technology is achieved when students are able to select technology as a tool to help them obtain information in timely manner.

Use of technology gives students a sense of power. Giving the future generation the power to education is the sky limit . JPS, being a front-line education provider has shown its preparedness to evolve to new heights pairing with the world of technology.

Computer Science Worksheet

JPS is seen to welcome the use of technology extensively in the teaching learning process. One such attempt is the integration of QR codes in the process of learning. QR technology provides a wealth of benefits for a techno-friendly teacher. We not only save time but also save a tree simultaneously!

At JPS we effectively use them in our teaching learning process. Our weekly worksheet for grade VI to X is sent through QR code and a detailed presentation on how to scan the QR code for relevant information is shared with students in their classroom.



QR Code for the Worksheet

Use of varied apps to impart learning is the prime focus at JPS .The Math table app, an android app is effectively used for grade I and grade II students to help them recite table in an efficient way. The app is also shared with parents.



JPS has taken several initiatives to improve reading habit of young leaders . JPS successfully runs raising readers programme and has well stacked reading room. The Rabbit reader (app) is one example for the same. JPS has integrated technology to help achieve our targets by introducing rabbit reader app. The survey taken in the first quarter shows improvement in reading ability of our young leaders.


The concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - "The world is one family" is truly imbibed at Jain Public school. JPS believes in taking a concept and teaching from local to global level. In lieu of the same JPS has collaborated with British council for connect classroom programme where a particular topic is discussed from local to global level. Using technology we have collaborated with schools all over the world like Beacon house school,Pakistan on sustainable Development, Dae-in –High school from south Korea on food and culture, Bihoku-High school from Japan etc- Using Skype, YouTube, multimedia and Google applications students exchange ideas, worksheets, posters and videos cross borders.


JPS believes in recognizing individual differences. In a class of 20 students each child is different. Instead of teaching them with one method which we find is best we believe in recognizing and identifying the ways in which a child learns best. School has incorporated Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory in teaching learning process. Board games like carom, Tambola, snakes and ladder based on the teaching concept are made using M.S Publisher, flex printed and used by teachers as learning aid. Some examples are shared below.


Twinkl Educational Publishing is an online educational publishing house, producing teaching and educational materials. At Jain Public School we are committed to transform lives of students through education with technology.

JPS also facilitates to prepare its young leaders to face competitive exams for the future. Clash of pi, an online real time contest enables students to successfully participate in the same. JPS leaders participate in National level clash of PI online mathematical contest and bags range of prizes.

The progression and happenings of every ward can be tracked by the respective parent with a user-friendly communication free path. TrackidOn is an integrated School Communication and Management Solution (Mobile and Web) for Parents, Teachers and School Management, which allows parents to get updates on day to day, hour to hour activities happening in the classroom starting from Attendance, Class Time Table, School Events, Holidays and exam scheduling.

JPS has made it a point to make use of maximum technological resources.The 
following initiatives are a bird’s eye view of the same.Feed Back Forms in the form of Google forms are shared with parents, students and teachers for feedback. This results in honest feedback and easy compilation with graphical presentation.


Use of Google Sheets for score compilation for interschool events at different venues done through linking of google sheets.

Any discipline cases are entered in the Discipline Referral Form which is shared with all the teachers and coordinators. Thus, all stake holders are at same page for necessary action


Google Classroom is an important tool for collaboration with students and parents. Assignments, messages, correction of assignment, feedback etc.- can be given on the click of mouse. Teacher can download it on phone also and follow up of students work is done.

Google Calendar is synched with email id and phone. School Almanac is embedded on the same.

Google Hangout is used for online discussion, departmental meetings, collaborative projects.

Use of GOOGLE SITE; Every teacher creates site and upload all information related to her class, activities, or any community project. It provides comprehensive view of all work functioning.

JPS HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software. The software helps in managing HR functions such as storing employee data, managing payrolls and keeping track of staff attendance records.

JPS also takes care to record student's academic and co-scholastic performance. The Report bee app is one such tool. It mimics the thinking process of teachers (mind-map) with an easy to use "visual" record keeping system designed to make mark entry simple and fast for teachers.

Teachers: the hands that shape the future are the shepherds of JPS. Online Time Table generation helped teachers to meet their work in a timely manner. At JPS we empower our teachers with technology support that will help them to carry out administrative work function with ease.

With this aim, teacher training on online time table generation was conducted in the school premises.



JPS is google enabled, making the entire progression innovative and collaborative. Methodical worksheets and knowledge testing at JPS keep the teaching learning thread strong. Teachers use Google products to do their tasks. In Google form our teachers creates an innovative video based worksheets and also the parental an d staff surveys are done using goggle forms.

Students at JPS are equally exposed to the digital system of education and JPS goes beyond limits to equip their young leaders to use technology . The following are few evidences of the same.

  • Prezi and PowerPoint presentation- Learners present their research work in a creative manner. They also mention the bibliography for their work.

  • Weebly- Learners use interactives for different subject areas to understand the concepts.

  • Mindmap apps- Creating mind map using the tool Mindmap to check the prior knowledge of the learners.

  • Online chart tool- Learners use online chart tool like bar graph , pie chart etc. for representing the data visually.

  • Collage Making- Learners make collage in some of the themes to present their learning

Education at JPS has remarkably set an example by opening the digital wonderland into the world of education. As an education provider, JPS has effectively moulded into something meaningful.

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