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Difference Between APJ Abdul Kalam & GIIS Global Sports Scholarship

The Global Indian International School Bangalore aims to make quality education affordable for Indian and international students from all walks of life. After its inception, the school continuously offers scholarships to deserving students every year.

The scholarships can be merit-based, talent-based, or merit-cum-means scholarships. They provide an opportunity for the students to use all the high-standard resources at GIIS Bangalore to pursue their dreams and lay a firm foundation for their future.

Scholarships at GIIS Bangalore:

  1. Global Citizen scholarship
  2. GIIS Global Sports scholarship in Bangalore
  3. 9GEMS Holistic Development scholarship in Bangalore
  4. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship in Bangalore
  5. Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-cum-Means Scholarship in Bangalore
  6. Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship

The beneficiaries receive these scholarships after the Global Schools Foundation considers various factors to determine which scholarship is suitable for each applicant. Therefore, it is vital to take note of the difference in requirements before you apply for a GIIS scholarship.

However, in this article, you will read about the differences between APJ Kalam and the GIIS sports scholarships have an in-depth:


1) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship

In the 21st century, technology and digital innovations continue to advance and influence various areas of our life. Young children can operate complicated science gadgets with ease and even come up with innovative ideas for apps, digital tools, and scientific experiments. GIIS recognizes these unique skills in their students and encourages them to continue nurturing the skills through the DR.APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship. The scholarship is for tech-savvy students who wish to continue improving their tech skills with the state-of-the-art resources at the institution.

When you receive the scholarship, GIIS Bangalore caters for 10-20% of your tuition fees. The students who receive this scholarship are between grades 6-7 and grades 6-12 at the GIIS Bangalore campuses in Bannerghatta and Whitefield, respectively.

Eligible students portray excellence in: 

  • National science congress competitions
  • ISRO Space Quiz
  • NSS-National Space settlement competition
  • Competitions under Microsoft, Google, Adobe, or Intel
  • Robotic Olympiad
  • STEM Olympiad

This one-year scholarship allows students to explore the digital sector.

2) The GIIS Global Sports Scholarship

As the name suggests, the beneficiaries of this scholarship excel in sporting events. GIIS Bangalore participates in various sports competitions, such as cricket, swimming, basketball, table and lawn tennis, and martial arts, to name a few. Therefore, the school prides itself on a high-ranking team of performers. This scholarship aims to identify Indian students who excel in any of these sporting events so that they can represent the school.

GIIS Bangalore students and new applicants from grades 1-12 are eligible for this scholarship as long as they submit a valid participation certificate or sports award at the state or national level. GFS also requires the student to show consistent results that will prove he/she can successfully represent the school. The GIIS sports scholarship lasts for three years and can cater for 90-100% of your tuition and 100% of your sports expenses at the school. It may be time for you to start perfecting your skills at one of the GIIS extracurricular activities.

Some of the other requirements include:

  • A record of good academic performance within the past two years
  • A two-year experience at the sport
  • Apart from participating, the student should be a winner or 1st – 3rd runner up at the competitions.
  • The student should be among the top 100 and 500 in rank within the state and national level.
  • The student should be part of an influential sports federation or have the backing of a sports coach.

The GIIS sports scholarship encourages the young talents to perfect their craft through mentorship programmes and academic support.

Although both scholarships are talent-based, the beneficiaries receive them based on different factors. However, they both emphasize the importance of academic excellence and holistic development for the student. GIIS Bangalore scholarships make quality education attainable for students who excel academically and those who have unique gifts.

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