Tags for Did you know SpellBee can change your child’s future?? Know How!!

Did you know SpellBee can change your child’s future?? Know How!!

Dear parents, have you ever thought about how your knowledge on the existing education system and methods can lead your kid to new and exciting ventures? Your capacity to engage in your children’s future depends on your awareness of the current learning system.

With substantial educational developments over generations, it is important that you are up to date, as there are a plethora of opportunities available for your children. Among other things, spell bee is one such gateway that can change your child’s future.

For parents hearing about it for the first time, spell bee is a competition where children try to spell words over a course of several rounds; and the last surviving child, who spells all the words correctly, is declared as the winner. The core purpose of spell bee helps children improve their vocabulary, and spelling through etymology, learning roots, pronunciations, and multiple definitions. Now, if you consider it as just a spelling competition, you are wrong. There are many ways beyond mere language skills that your child benefits through this competition.

This competition promotes motivation by providing children with a positive goal to work for and gives them a forum to display the fruits of their hard work. When your child spells words in front of others, the self-confidence and public speaking skill your kid tends to develop is inevitable.


As for some reasons, athletics and sports are solely viewed as healthy outlets for competitive spirit. Now children who show little to no interest in sports also get the same opportunity to compete, perform and experience these valuable life lessons on their own terms through spell bee.

Along with a competitive spirit, your child learns to think quickly and thrive under pressure as the level of competition is soaring. Such level of competitiveness also teaches your kid, how to both win and lose with grace. Through these competitions, your kids additionally develop cognitive abilities and learn strategies which will be useful to any field later in life.

With all these benefits and spelling bee being more popular than ever, as a parent seize this opportunity and get your child spell bee ready. For starters, introduce your children to the Spelling Challenge module from MyClassmate App available on both the Google Play store and App Store. The various levels in this module will aid your child in becoming a spelling expert and prepare them for the competition too.

Through this exercise, your child develops vocabulary and also gains important life skills that help them manage high-pressure situations in the future. And with the help of Spelling Challenge, there’s no one stopping your kid from becoming the next Spell Bee Champion.

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