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Covid-19 by S.VARUNIKA

I have to stay at home and not go to school because of covid19. I feel very bored that all the children should  not go to the park. Infact we should not go out of our house itself.we have to clap hand for our heroes, doctor, nurses, cleaning staff etc. No more community help from maids, shopkeepers, who deliver etc.maid does not come. We have to help mother in all the household work. Even i cannot go to my native. i m learning a new language, playing with my new board games, and do few activities which my mother conduct in online. When my father is busy i play with my sister, but just three hobbies everyday is a funday for me. This is how i m spending my covid19 holidays at home. If it is boring for you do your favourite hobbies everyday is funday. stay safe at home.lets fight corona and come out soon.

Posted in Health & Fitness on March 30 2020 at 05:08 PM

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