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Covid-19 by S P Nitish Kumar

Introduction of Covid-19

Corona virus disease 2019 (covid 19)is an infectious diseases spread by the virus sub group SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome in this essay we are going to learn the history of corona virus.

  • Symptoms of covid19
  • The necessary precaution
  • The falls rumours that has spread by media

History of corona virus

The corona virus had its first infection as early as 1956 it had appeared again and again, masking itself with different name. the SARS-1,MERS(middle east respective syndrome)and the covid19 are all caused by corona virus

According to WHO(world health oranganisation)thses are about 53700 corona virus cases out of these 124 people have recovered and about 24000 people have died

Active cases

Closed Cases

389000 currently infected out of these 396000in mild condition 19000 in critical condition

148000 cases closed 124612 cases recovered 24000 deaths.


Symptoms of covid19

The most common symptoms of covid 19 are fever,tiredness & dry cough.other symptoms include diareeha,sour throat,runny nose,nasal conjection,etc.these symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually.

Some people become infected but doesn’t develop any symptoms most people (80%)recover from the diease without needing any special treatment.around 1 out of 6 people who get covid 19 became seriously ill and develop breathing difficulties.


Transmission of Corona virus

Corona virus Is a transmission through contact disease. This means that we must avoid contact with those who have corona virus.these virus spread through tiny droplets from cough & sneeze.these covered the surface of other object and those who touch it get these virus in the exterior of these body.when they rub their eyes, nose or touch their mouth these virus enter their body.


  • Regularly wash your hands with alcohol.based hands atleast for 20 seconds.
  • Maintain atleast 1 meter (2feet)from yourself and anyone who is coughing & sneezing
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes,touching your month or picking your nose.
  • Make sure you the people around you follow good respectory hygiene are clean.
  • Avoid travelling & keep your surrounding clean.
  • Stay home if you feel unwell & wear a mask.if you have fever or cough,immediately seek medicial attention.

Rumors about Covid-19

Covid 19 can only be transmitted in area with hot & humid climate-False

Cold weather and snow cannot kill corona virus-true

Taking a hot bath kills the virus-false

Spraining alcohol or chlorine kill thses virus-false

Eating garlic prevents corona infection-false

Pneumonia vaccine protect us from corona virus infection-false

Corona virus in India

As of today corona virus (march27 2020)a lot of 724 covid 19 cases (677 indians and 47 foreigners national )have been reported in 27 states /union territories .this include 66 who have been cured .1 who has migrated and 17 who has reported deaths .hospital isolation of all the confirmed cases tracing and home quarantine and the contacts going on.


On 24th march 2020, the prime minister narendar modi announced nation wide lockdown .in order to protect the country and each of the citizen from midnight to night complete band is imposed on people from stepping out from their homes announced prime minister he also announced if we are going to step out of our homes in yhis 21days our economic of our country would go back by21years.



In order to prevent and stop this virus out break weneed to follow necessary precaution it is in our hand and we need to act in order to prevent this virus,lets do what we can.


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