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Covid-19 by Rishika Prakash

About COVID-19

COVID-19 is known as coronavirus. It’s an infectious disease caused by a virus .in this disease respiratory like flew. The symptoms fever cough, difficulty breathing, dry sputum in cough and many more. The novel coronavirus has a great pandemic in the world. Now, COVID-19 is spread in all over India. Our government made every effort to prevent the community and spreading awareness to control and minimize the spreading of coronavirus according to WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) we can prevent and protect ourselves by being hygienic, wash our hands, avoid touching , sanitizing our environment, maintain social distance.

  • Coronavirus spread by staying or coming in contact with people who are infected by the virus.
  • it also spread when the person touches an object that has a virus on it 
  • it can also spread due to touching ourselves or someone else by our dirty hands 



  1. There is coronavirus perceived threat among common citizens.
  2. The population of all ages is making use of available media like newspapers, social media, and television to make them aware.
  3. From adults to children most of the discussion is on around the coronavirus.
  4. It is a dangerous virus because people who are infected by this virus can die and don't have an epidemic.
  5. according to study coronavirus mostly happens to old age and the children below 12 years because of this virus many people gone into loss , lost their family, etc
  6. Avoid going in crowded places, functions.
  7. By greeting traditionally 
  8. If sick follow doctor’s advise
  9. To avoid the COVID-19 be quarantine.
  10. Stay safe and healthy at home



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