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Covid-19 by M.Charvi

Corona is a disease that affect people in different was found in china wuhan city in dec 2019.the people in wuhan eated dangerous animal.china was first reported to the WHO country office in dec 31,2019.WHO is working 24/7 to analyse data.provide advice, cordinate with partners, help country prepare, increase supplies, and manage expert network,
the symptoms of corona are :
difficulty breathing
people may sick virus in 14 days before developing symptoms.
the most common symptoms are fever,tiredness,dry cough.most people (about 80%)recover from the disease without needing special treatment.
more rarely the disease can be serious and even fatal.older people .people with other medical conditions.
no of people affected globally 381635
no of active cases 262666
no of recovered 102429
no of fatal cases 16558
Corona virus is a diease which is communicable.It was found in china in dec 2019.slowly it was preaded all over the world.symptoms of corona virus may found in 14 days.corona is a community transmission disease .the symptoms are fever,cough,shortness of breath.these symptoms are like pneumonia or bronchitis.if a person have this symptoms they might be self isolated or visit the nearest health centre.
Precautions are :
wash your hands frequently with soap.
dont touch your eyes,nose mouth.
maintain 1 meter distance with anyone
be safe stay in your home.

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