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Children and Helicopter Parenting

Hey Mommies and Daddies,"Did you know?"

There’s a parenting style called Helicopter Parenting that can reduce a child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development.

A recent survey shows that children subjected to Helicopter Parenting have an

  • chance feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities
  • chance of feeling lonely
  • chance feeling anxious.


So what is helicopter parenting?
Have you noticed how a helicopter is always overhead, close, and can go everywhere you go, following you around either with sight or with sound?

It feels like it’s all around you when you hear it.


Comparing it to parenting from this, now we parents are spoonfeeding our kids. We parent, have made our child’s life a bed of roses for them.

There is a difference between guiding them and deciding their actions. We don’t have to become a helicopter parent in order to become a perfect one.

Children require the learning process of doing things on their own, learning things on their own, facing difficulties and challenges, and just merely exploring to learn how everything around them works.

Be a natural parent and let your child learn in a natural way. Let them make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

These skills can’t be developed when the parent is the primary decision-maker for the child.

"A level of protection and child's safety is mandatory."

While today’s world has its horrors too, that level of being overprotective.

Parents, Schools should teach the child the difference between safe and unsafe, and good and bad.

If children start developing these decisions independently from a young age, they won’t face a difficulty with it in their adulthood.
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Why does helicopter parenting exist?

Because parents really feels satisfied and happy.

And why wouldn’t they be?

Because most parents love the fact that they can control different aspects of their child’s life, decide what experiences they go through and what happens to them as well.

Adverse effects of helicopter parenting on children:

Children are never taught how to
Deal with uncertainty
Deal with tricky situations on their own.

It effects on the child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.

Another drastically adverse effect is that the children don’t learn how to effectively handle their emotions or look after their mental health.

Children who are raised by helicopter parents always get things their way — and may grow up with a sense of entitlement.

Tips To Stop You From Becoming A Helicopter Parent:

a) Allow your child to make their own decisions

In order to prepare children for adulthood, the first thing that needs to be given is the freedom to make choices and decisions.(be their guidance-Parents can act as guiding forces and help their kid differentiate right from wrong, but the ultimate decision making should be the child’s.)

b) Let them enjoy their childhood

Dont always discipline them. Let them enjoy. Let them explore their thinking. Dont make milatary rules. Give them independence of playing. This doesn’t mean you have to leave them to their own whims and fancies completely.

Small things like this make sure that the child is practising functional independence.

c) Point them in the right direction (but don’t walk the path with them)

Help them making their decisions. This will help improve their problem-solving abilities and also their understanding of the people around them. The child needs guidance, warmth, and understanding when they’re facing a challenge in developing a skill.
Don’t  instruct on what to do because it is just taking away the development of the skill.

d) Monitoring is good but not Trusting is wrong

Keep a watch but Trust your child. Be a facilitator, not a controller.

Assist them to develop the necessary skills needed on their own even when you’re not around. Ask them to think about how to correct mistakes and tell them that making mistakes is natural.

Sit with your child, talk to them, be their friend,  and correct them if they’re wrong instead of scolding them.

This can greatly impact their future personality.


Choose your style of parenting carefully as this decides a major portion of who your child will turn out to be as an adult.

Follow the principles of independence with boundaries when it comes to parenting them, as that would be the best way to go. Don’t be a helicopter parent!

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