CBSE Class 12th English Examination -Tips for Reading, Writing & Literature Sections

English is one such subject where gaining and losing marks is the easiest of all and to score high marks in English follow the pattern, marking scheme and preparation strategies given..


Section A – Reading (20 marks)

In the reading section, you need to be aware of all the events happening around the world. Reading from newspapers and social media is a very good source for you to prepare for your reading section. Reading again and again will improve vocabulary and grammar. Long paragraphs often takes majority of the time, so one needs to be quick to read through and answer all questions.

Section B – Advance Writing Skills (30 marks)

Advance writing skill is the scoring part of the paper it includes letter writing, speech, email and much more. Being familiar with the format and practicing writing these things helps to increase the speed of the student. One can check previous years board question papers and practice over and over again and can get it reviewed by the teacher.

Section C – Literature (30 Marks)

For the literature section the student has to go through the NCERT text books over and over again and has to be familiar with all poems and chapter. Going through previous years question papers can help you familiarize with the types of questions asked. There is no other source to crack the literature section than the NCERT text books.

On the Day of Examination

The student must think before they start writing the exam. The questions chosen from all the 3 sections must be the strong areas of the student. Student must be clear in what they want to write and how. Over writing and cancellations must be avoided for better presentation. Extra writing for any answers wont fetch marks but will only consume a lot time.

Summary: Every student studying in class 12, dreams and aspires to get cent percent in their board examinations. Scoring high marks is no difficult thing if you plan it and work towards it from the beginning.

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