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At what age should kids be allowed to have their own cell phones

There is no doubt that mobile phone is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and relatives anytime ans anywhere. But you should know that is your child old enough to have cell phones It is a tough call for most of the parents because it’s not just about age.

The right time and right age to give your kids their  first mobile phone is up to you. Age is not as important as your Child’s maturity level and their ability and responsibility to follow home and schools rules, their sense of responsibility, and your own family's needs. Getting your kid their first phone is a very personal and individual decision, but lots of kids start asking for cell phone during their elementary school . That kind of peer pressure makes it tougher for parents who want to hold off delay the inevitable, but stand firm! When you give your child their own cell phone .

Disadvantages of having cell phones 

Cost of mobile phone: Will you spend money on an object that a child could so easily lose or break? Spending on mobile phones is not necessary for a child in small age .

Usage of internet: Your bill increase as your kid without understanding that she/he is costing you money by using the data, and we’ve all read stories of children  charging small fortunes to their parents’ credit cards on games and different apps.

Cyberbullying :  Having  mobile device  have a great risk ,like having threat of cyber harassment . It’s also possible, through social media , for kids to be painfully aware of what they’re missing out on.

Checking out mobile :  this is the terrifying image of your child when they arrive at the dinner table with phone in hand, and remaining glued to the screen throughout the meal. For many parents, the most threatening aspect of the phone is how attention-sucking it is.

Advantages of having cell phones

Nothing can beat the benefits of having a mobile phone . If your child has a mobile phone, you can call, text and contact where your child is and what is he doing and inform him of your own plans. This make you feel safer just knowing where your kids are. And mobile phones are also helpful in an emergency situation.




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