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Are sports and academics equally important?

A healthy brain needs a healthy body. Every individual tries to do his best in the studies that he does. Our ambitions to earn a good rank start right from the time we start schooling.  Initially, we do this to please our elders. Slowly, it becomes a competition between friends and peers to score better. It is like we are running a marathon where only in the last leg we speed up to reach the finish line. Finally, we succeed with a lot of effort and hard work.




For having a healthy brain and body we should exercise our body as it provides us with energy and it also improves our blood circulation. Improved blood circulation equals to increased brain power. To exercise our body we generally take part in sports. Sports can be divided into two categories namely indoor games and outdoor games. Indoor games like chess, snooker etc. exercise the brain as strategies have to be planned while playing the game. Outdoor games like football, cricket, throw ball etc. exercise both mind and body as strategies need to planned as well as physical activity is needed to finish and win the game. These activities make you so active that once you are into it you do not feel like leaving it. Because of these activities, we improve our appearance and personality. The healthier we are physically and mentally the better we perform in academics. 

The human body is like a machine. For the machine to work we need to oil and maintain it properly. Sports is like that for us humans. It keeps the body from becoming useless. Sports not only keeps us healthy it provides us with lessons of life like it is not important that you lose or win it is important that you at least tried. So, trying our level best is what we should aim at.

Therefore, sports can teach us many things that a book cannot. So, you can conclude saying that both sports and academics are equally important in a person’s life. To encourage this we at JustBuyCycles are growing and supporting a cycling community across the city of Chennai where cyclying enthusiasts get together almost every week and develop the cult of just adding more and more of cycling distance.

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