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Are International Schools leading in the Educational Sector?

Are international schools or schools in Faridabad really worth the hype? This thought must have crossed your mind at some point. International schools have earned a reputation for being innovative and different. Ever wondered, what makes these schools so noteworthy? That’s what we intend to do in this blog. Let’s find it out. 

Curriculum: There is no shadow of a doubt that international schools have a well-designed curriculum. Most schools have an American curriculum or The National Curriculum of England. It is focused on the holistic development of the students. While you must be thinking what’s so different that makes it stand apart from the other schools. It’s more about the execution. The teaching techniques are different and practical. This makes the curriculum efficient. Some might say that the curriculum of national schools may be inclined towards studies more than other activities.

In normal schools, the curriculum is based on the board. It could be either ICSE, CBSE or other state boards. With these many boards, the strategy and the design also differs. The first two boards are highly regarded and can be found in many schools in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

Career Enhancement: An international school provides a perfect platform where students can learn and get maximum exposure. The Students not only feel confident but they also have access to a large pool of jobs from top companies. Since the school works at a level, it invites students and mentors from all walks of life. This is where normal schools might lack. There aren’t enough resources with normal schools to get students this much exposure.

Not Just Studies: As much focus is on studies, it’s on extra-curricular activities too. Students get equal opportunities to explore other areas and enhance their skill sets. A lot can happen with motivation!

Personal Development: With the right guidance and resources, students can achieve so much. Personality development is one of the major differences you can spot between the two entities. Schools, in general, don’t pay any heed to personality development. They are more vocal about their focus on studies and other activities. Whereas, international schools let the students speak their minds and appreciate individuality. 

One such school is our Dynasty International School. Equipped with state-of-the-art architecture, it is one of the best schools in faridabad. The school’s curriculum is designed to facilitate learning through innovative pedagogy, empowering students and building character. Striving towards excellence, their vision is to enhance the child’s problem solving, analytical and decision-making skills.

We even have Pre schools in Faridabad. Our vision and mission for tiny tots is to teach them in such a way that learning becomes fun. We want them to develop as global leaders. The aim is not to only teach or educate them but also to make them better human beings by teaching them manners and etiquettes. We have smart classrooms for our tiny tots. To know more about us you can visit our website.  

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