All you need to know about BRICS Math online competition

BRICS Math online competition is an annual online contest that is being organized in the field of Mathematics, without any charges, for students of classes from Std I to Std XII in BRICS countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

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How is this competition held? 

The 3rd BRICSMATH.COM competition in Mathematics will be held in two rounds. Round 1 which is a trial round will be held between 12th October – 12th November.

Round 2 is the main round that will be held between 13th November until 13th December. Trial round is mainly held for practice and results of this round will not affect the main competition. Main round is held for 60 minutes. In this, the students have 60 minutes to complete all the assigned tasks. It is not mandatory to complete the trial round to participate in the main round. Once the student logouts, the test is submitted automatically.

Purpose of the competition:

The main purpose of this competition is to create an interest with students in mathematics and help them develop a logical reasoning skill and unite students from various countries. It aims to develop creativity among children and to motivate them towards learning. Various tasks are assigned to the students in the form of a game. This makes the learning process more fun and efficient.

The BRICSMATH competition focuses on logical thinking and does not require any in-depth knowledge of school curriculum.

 All participants and teachers will be rewarded with certificates.

How to participate?

The competition is mainly held online on the website BRICSMATH.COM and is completely free of charge for students. All it takes for a student is to have a computer or a tablet to login and give their tests.

 As a teacher, to gain access to the competition you need to go through the registration process in the website. The email address of the teacher will be their login ID.

 As a student, to gain access to the competition, you need to login through your teacher’s credentials and then add you details like class, standard, name, gender etc. The system will automatically generate login and password for students.

So, if you are a teacher or a parent, please encourage your students or kids to participate in this amazing event and get more out of your child.

This is the best way to gain access across borders and compete both locally and internationally.

More details

Please check the notification from CBSE regarding Competition


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