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7 Best Online coding classes for kids

Online coding classes for teenagers enable them to be risk-takers from the start. The future of a child is formed by the type of data that he or she is exposed to. Having children learn it at a young age prepares them for the longer term. It helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.

Why Learn Coding online?

Do you know – one of the topmost searched queries on Google by parents today is ‘best online coding classes for kids?
This blog will help you understand why is this so important? More importantly, which are the most suitable platforms to start with.
It may be a basic literacy within the digital age, and it's important for teenagers to know and be ready to work with the technology around them.
Online classes often offer more flexibility in scheduling. Instructors can accommodate different times that might not normally be available for in-person classes. Online classes are more widely available too. Since you're attending the classes from your house online, it doesn’t matter where within the world the trainer is. It exposes classes to a bigger audience of youngsters from everywhere.
Below is the list of the best platforms for learning to code online:

Codingal’s coding online course

Codingal Online coding classes for kids
Codingal works on the motto to inspire kids to fall in love with coding. It helps develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Coding jobs are the future. They already constitute more than 60% of all the jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They will be the creators of the future. Codingal’s coding programs give access to free resources like access to exclusive Codingal events - like FunDay and Paathshala (where your kid could give coding lessons to peers), participate in various coding competitions co-hosted by many prestigious institutions like IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Bombay, BITS Pilani, and many more, and they also offer scholarships to a few lucky winners worth Rs. 6400/- for free.

WhiteHat Jr Online coding classes

This online platform allows children to learn programming with a lot of fun activities through developing games, animations, websites, and applications. It is an ed-tech online coding platform that teaches students coding through one-on-one video classes along with the best set instructors.
They offer classes for kids from 6-14 years of age. Through these programs, kids learn the fundamentals of coding–logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking which helps them to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps. It conducts sessions that help kids to create commercial-ready games, animations, and apps, etc online using the basics of coding.

Online Coding classes list offered

Whitehat Jr online offers four levels of courses – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional that helps in creating complex games using logic, sequence, commands, and algorithmic thinking.

Vedantu Superkids online coding for kids

vedantu online coding class

Vedantu is one of the leading ed-tech firms too and has come up with their own kids coding class. This program by Vedantu is aimed at providing high-quality coding programs for kids 6-12 years of age. Their programs will teach kids to create apps and games, develop Artificial Intelligence-based applications using python. With a belief that it improves a child’s reasoning and problem-solving skills, this program is taken by experts within the field of AI and machine learning. It delivers customized learning that supports student’s learning pace and has been designed by experts from MIT and IIT and promotes activity-based learning.

List of online classes offered for kids

They offer avid options of courses such as Lil Champs for Grade 1 and 2, Young Learners for Grade 3 and 4, Early Achievers for Grade 5 and 6, Pro Coders for Grade 7 and 8. These classes involve a wide range of topics such as creating animations, commercial-ready apps and games, creating advanced games and chatbots using artificial intelligence and Python, IoT, and more.

Educode Academy online coding platform

EduCode Academy's mission is to empower subsequent generations of innovators by teaching them the way to code. Their coding classes are designed to give beginners an overview of computer science and its applications in our world.
These are online, self-directed coding classes that are blended with cinematic storytelling along with tutorial videos and microlearning in bite-sized as well as real-world projects. Educode helps students learn by following industry-standard programming languages through story-rich video tutorials. EduCode’s key difference lies within the way they deliver the concept with the assistance of video micro-lessons, which break down complex computing concepts into fun and interesting exercises. They also provide a 14-day free trial offer to explore their courses thoroughly.

Online coding classes offered

EduCode offers a wide range of online coding programming classes which are grouped as beginner, intermediate and advanced coders.

Game development
Web Development
Data Science

Mindchamp online coding classes

mind champ coding for kids

Mindchamp is also a leading educational startup working on bringing quality online education to Indian school children. They teach kids to create their animations, websites, and games. MindChamp also provides its partners with marketing creatives and other required tools. Once a student signs up for a course, they're made to require a web pre-assessment. Post this, the scholars engage with the partner over the amount of the course which lasts from 8-10 sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each, counting on the subject. A typical course aims to assist the learning of computing concepts and implementation and is administered through games and other interactive activities. Activity and practice booklets are also provided. At the top of the course, the scholars are made to require an assessment to measure the impact on their logical reasoning capabilities.

Online coding program structure

Their programs are designed for kids aged from 7-14 years. There are around 11 levels and every level is about 12 hours long (one-hour session). They offer 1-1 or group classes. The programs are designed in an activity-centric manner. Impact reports are used to measure the impact the program has on kids’ performance.MindChamp uses a popular approach called block-based coding, where the students get a chance to apply the acquired knowledge through fun-based activities and are encouraged to reason out their steps and also suggest alternate solutions at each step.

Campk12 online coding course for kids

coding classes for kids

A global online school for 21st-century skills, Campk12 teaches online coding to kids aged 5-18. With LIVE, interactive, and gamified online coding sessions, it's been teaching kids to code since 2010. Founded in 2010 by an MIT computer grad, Anshul Baghi, it's since taught coding to quite 50,000 students and has partnered with 100’s faculties and institutions to inspire young innovators. It includes a 100% project-based curriculum with coaching sessions from Grade 1 to 12. They have classes based on Augmented Reality, 3D Coding, VR game development, AI, machine learning, creating chatbots, and more. It is simple programming for kids which is developed on fun methodology. And they make it more fun with their specially designed courseware. While interactive learning is flexible from anywhere, they also offer a project-based curriculum that would teach kids to solve actual problems. Their coding classes are for all age groups right from the first-grader to 12 graders

Online coding classes list for kids

Animation & Storytelling with Code
Coding for Arts & Music
Logical Programming for Kids

Augmented Reality (AR) Development
Android Development: Publish a Mobile App
3D Coding & VR Game Development
AI Machine learning & Code intelligent Bots
Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS

Toppr codr coding classes

toppr coding for kids

The courses by Toppr codr are designed for kids in the age group of 6-18. They deliver the sessions through one-on-one coding classes. Their curriculum includes all the latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Blockchain, IoT, and Robotics.
At Toppr Learning Planet, they give kids the opportunity to learn about technology, and the way computers work will surely give them an advantage in life. The 21st-century working force will be centered on new computer-based technologies like ML, AI, VR, AR, Blockchain, IoT, and Robotics. Early access to coding classes will make them the creators of tomorrow. They believe that every student is different and has different learning needs so they work relentlessly to solve student problems using advanced technology which helps them learn better and faster. They have thoughtfully designed their course structure to ensure that it is a one-stop after-school learning platform for every student. It consists of more than 1.5 million learning pieces which include a variety of adaptive practice questions, solutions, concepts, and learning videos that come together seamlessly and provides a 360° learning experience. Toppr codr tutors have always adapted to artificial intelligence-based machine learning algorithms along with its strong infrastructure, to create personalized learning paths for millions of its students.

The online coding program curriculum

Classes 1-4
BASIC: Introduction to Coding
STANDARD: Design and Create
PREMIUM: App & Game Development

Classes 5-8
BASIC: Introduction to Coding
STANDARD: Visualise and Create
PREMIUM: Web Development
Classes 9-12
BASIC: Coding Fundamentals
STANDARD: Code and Create
PREMIUM: Professional Development

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