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7 best coding app for kids


In today’s world, it has become very important to learn how to code, and in tomorrow’s world, it will probably be one of the most essential skills. It's hard to imagine a single career that doesn't need someone who can code.Coding (a.k.a. programming) is all around us.
Learning to code is a hands-on skill for kids and starting the same from a young age is the best possible thing they could do, and helping your kids learn to code is the best thing you as a parent could do to support your child’s in doing.
There are a lot of coding apps for kids that are available out there in abundance, and there is no shortage of tools for you to help with the same. Both paid and free coding apps for kids are available that give your children the chance to play games, practice logical thinking, solve problems, and develop essential skills for tomorrow’s world.

There is no one best coding app for kids, but here we have some of the best apps to teach kids coding available.

1.Hackerkid coding app

hackerkid coding app
HackerKid is India's first Gamified coding app where kids explore an exciting way to learn to code. It is a startup by the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras dubbed GUVI that has developed its first gamified coding platform named HackerKID.
This software has been developed looking at kids from the Netherlands, the US, Australia, and of course, India.

Structure of the coding app

In this coding app, the children are introduced to a ‘Block-Based Programming’ and provided with a virtual playground to practice various challenges. It implements ‘block-based programming while also offering a virtual arena to test their challenges. This platform offers extensive coding practice with a game-based environment specially designed for kids where coding is made fun. The concept of Block-based Programming is a very easy and powerful way to develop software. This coding app offers various easy-to-understand drag and drops coding concepts and elements to help kids learn the right combinations which in turn helps build a strong foundation.

2. Tynker coding app for kids

Tynker coding app for kids

Tynker coding app also uses the code blocks technique to teach kids how to program and code. By using Tynker's revolutionary approach, kids learn to code with the help of visual code blocks that represent real-time programming concepts. They progress to text languages like JavaScript and Python as they continue to play through 2,000+ interest-driven activities.

In each lesson, kids engage themselves with interactive learning modules, mini-games, projects, and different puzzles.

Kids learn and apply coding skills with fun adventures along with solving these puzzles, kids are presented with a buggy code snippet to fix the same. Kids apply logical reasoning to create programs that stress efficiency; and in the same process, they learn various concepts about programming using loops and conditionals.
Tynker coding app has something for all age groups.

Coding app format

Tynker coding app courses comply along with the 1st–8th classes Common Core standards to ensure that coding can be integrated into any subject area. For high school students, they are introduced to Python as they learn to solve coding puzzles, code games, and other programming activities. This coding platform offers simple, building-block based programs with voice instructions for young kids of ages 4-7, allows 7- to 13-year-old kids to design games and mods, and lets kids aging for 13 years and above go all the way to real-world coding using Python, Javascript, and more, where kids can learn to build websites and even prepare for their exams. With over 2000+ interest-driven activities for all age groups, Tynker is one of the most versatile coding apps available on the iPad and online and is guaranteed to provide something that suits your kid’s needs

3. Kodable coding app

Kodable is one of the best coding apps for teaching kids from basic to complex level program procedures. This will help kids to learn Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, and much more.
As the app's tagline says, "Coding for kids, made with love."; it is a great starting step for the kids to start their coding journey. This coding app has many kid-friendly lessons which have been curated for the age group of kids starting from kindergarten to 5th grade. The coding app includes many coding concepts for example looping and branching which are taught various games and other lessons as the kids progress through it. This will help children to learn decision-making in many concepts. This coding app can be accessed over both the web as well as on IOS and Android platforms.
The most unique feature in this coding app is its teacher mode, which allows to create the whole curriculums, manage and create class accounts with multiple students, and share them with the other kids
Kodable coding app methodology breaks down computer science into the basic concept which kids need for a strong foundation life.
You can choose from over 70 lessons which include both on-screen and off-screen components.

4.ScratchJr coding app


ScratchJr is one of the best free coding apps available for kids. With this children from the ages of 5-7 learn to code their own interactive stories and games.
It is one of the most popular coding apps for teaching coding to kids which is based on the popular Scratch development tool. It consists of an interface format for the kids which deals with programming area blocks and some editing tools. On this coding app, kids learn to create various interactive stories and games using the block building coding technique. In this process, they learn how to solve problems, design different projects, and also express themselves more creatively on the computer.
With the help of graphical programming, kids learn how to code characters and make them move, jump, dance, and also sing. Children can modify characters in the paint editor, add their voices and sounds, even insert photos of themselves -- then use the programming blocks to make their characters come to life.
As young children learn to code with ScratchJr they create and express themselves with the computer and not just to interact with it. They also use math and language in a meaningful and motivating context which helps in supporting the development of early childhood literacy and numeracy. With the help of the ScratchJr coding app, children aren't just learning to code but they are coding to learn.

5.Daisy the Dinosaur coding app for kids


Daisy the Dinosaur is a free iPad app for kids who want to learn to code in a fun and easy way. This coding app helps in teaching basic computer programming concepts in a way that children as young as four years old can easily understand. Children love dinosaurs, and this app teaches kids programming modules using various mini-games that are available. Kids with the help of commands can make the dinosaur do some tasks. This coding app is designed for kids to help them solve puzzles and word games that help them learn about building algorithms and as they decode these puzzles it teaches them the concept of conditions and iterations using various fun challenges. It’s a great way to get children intrigued by the possibilities of writing computer codes.
Daisy the Dinosaur coding app teaches programming concepts such as loops and conditionals without explicitly using making use of those terms. This short game makes programming and coding more fun and approachable
With the help of a few easy and short steps, anyone can animate the character Daisy the Dinosaur and make her dance on the screen. This app is developed by the experts at Hopscotch and is designed to give kids a taste of coding.

6. Lightbot coding app

Lightbot is the best coding app that can be challenging even for adults, and it’s perfect if your child is looking for something more complex to stimulate his or her mind. Starting with easy features in the beginning and then advancing to much more complex levels, Lightbot is a programming puzzle game that’s perfect if your kids are speeding through the other games very easily. With 20 free levels to go through, if your child manages to reach the end, you can get an additional 50 levels in the paid version. Teaching students the logic of coding through this challenging programming puzzle is the most perfect way to teach basic concepts used in computer programming. In these coding lessons, children are provided with brief instructions at the beginning of each level and can replay the level whenever they want, making the learning process much more simplified and easier.
Completing one level will then unlock the next one. However, the difficulty rises quite quickly making it a challenging game for everyone.

7.Code adventures coding app

Coding Puzzles for Kids is a unique platform that is suitable for ages 6 and above that focuses on providing kid-friendly computer coding puzzles. This beautifully designed coding app for kids has various features including challenging puzzles like learning how to program, fascinating visuals, humorous sounds, and animated characters as well as 30 well-crafted levels.
The end objective of this program is to get the character Aurora home by completing the 30 different levels of puzzles. This coding application works through various levels including basics, functions, conditionals, and loops. Children will have to put the commands into the right order, so to practice sequencing. They will also discover the need to repeat commands to move the character on the screen since each move only takes one unit in any direction.

Coding app structure

Various elements of puzzle-like flying platforms, movable bridges, ladders, and portals are gradually introduced making programming fun at each level. In this coding app, kids will solve challenging puzzles while learning how to program and it's also a great opportunity for parents to bond with their kids and spark their interests in STEM-related subjects.

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