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5 Doubts Parents Get While Selecting A Boarding School For Their Child

These are the most important justifications for sending your child to an overseas institution. To ensure your child’s future success, begin searching for the ideal school as soon as possible.

As a little one is joining CBSE School in Gurgaon, you must be worried about something, but you don’t need to stress as you can obtain valuable information by speaking with other parents whose children attend the same school.

Five doubts that parents get while choosing a boarding school in India


You can quickly clear all these doubts by asking the questions given here.


Why did parents choose the CBSE school in Gurgaon over others?

Before settling your daughter for a boarding school, several families look closely at several schools. These questions allow you to learn more about what sets a school unique from other schools on a granular level rather than looking at boarding schools holistic Lee. The question is quite helpful because several parents have considered some of the same schools on the list. It will give you some insight into what sets other schools apart.

The gap between what the admissions department says during the campus tours and interviews and what students experience is quite wide at some schools. It would help if you talked to parents while seeking admissions and, of course, considered speaking with the admissions staff before choosing any school.

How well does the school communicate with the parents?

If you are nervous about sending your daughter away from school, this question is perfect. Maybe it is the first time your daughter will be away from home for such an extended time, and you need to be reassured if other parents tell you that the school communicates effectively and continually shares how the child is doing. When you talk to the parents and say that their children have thrived academically at school instead of going to a top knot secondary school, you need to find out what helped their daughter succeed.


You need to check the overall school culture; academics support the school in a specific subject, etc. The answer could be kept by the skills centre that is tutoring an excellent classroom teacher, but whatever it is, you need to ask this question to understand what makes a specific school special.

How diverse is the international student population? What is the balance between international and domestic students?

When it comes to choosing a boarding school in India, some parents want a broad-based international population at the school, and some want to ensure that the daughter will have a domestic classmate to spend time with. But you should be neutral and look for a healthy balance between the international and domestic students and diversity among both populations. Diversity in the Academic experience helps prepare the girls for the global world they will encounter as adults. It would help if you spoke to parents who have welcomed diversity in the best possible way. It is essential to get a feel for what the school does to help students engage during their free time. You need to ask if there is a comprehensive weekend program that allows the daughters to participate in activities they would enjoy.

You can ask the questions to different parents. One of the factors which influence the boarding students’ weekend experience is the geographic location of the boarding school. There are unique campuses located in remote areas. Still, they have a lot of benefits, and the only challenge for them is to offer a weekend itinerary filled with different classical cultural-artistic activities and athletic options. Depending on your daughter’s interest, you can consider a school with easy access to a significant city and the great outdoors.

How easy is it for my daughter to come home?

You would surely want your daughter home, especially during festivals, being a parent. Still, you need to ensure that your daughter is in good hands during the travel to and from school if you are sending them to a boarding school far away from where you live. You need to consider the buses, airports or transportation facilities. Several schools have transparent processes and guidelines for student travel, so you must ensure what you are comfortable with.

How do you feel about a boarding school also having day students?

The question or doubt is quite relevant for schools that take day students and boarders. It would help if you were okay about the mixed students coming across. When students are a part of a community, they can easily foster friendship between day students and boarding students, leading to several opportunities for boarding students to go overnight visit at the home of good friends or enjoy home-cooked meals and some time off-campus.

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